From Mexico To Zurich, A Life Of An Artist

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Cecilia left colorful Mexico for Switzerland. In Zurich she discovered artistic freedom that helped her to re-create home atmosphere. Today she experiments with colors and materials, holds workshops and prepares her own exhibition. 

She told to SUISSEPIC that tries to exhibit at least one time per year.

Photo: Cecilia Betancourt

SUISSEPIC: For how long have you been in involved in the art? Is it your main occupation?

Cecilia: I have been into art since I can remember. However, in Switzerland I started feeling a real freedom in expression. I was thinking deeply on how to re-create my home atmosphere. Previously, I went to the Graphic Design school in Mexico City and also worked in the studio of a well-known illustrator where I learned a lot about techniques. I also made portraits and other paintings by comission.

SUISSEPIC: What is it for you personally to be an artist?

Art history, artists, books and museums always were always a huge passion for me. I gave a talk last year called “On being an artist” where I played with the definition of an artist, as it is often said one is “born” an artist or not. 

I believe that we have a certain construction which make us be artists and that is different to other people. However, in my speech I also mentioned that besides being born as an artist I also decided to be an artist. It is an interesting argument. Being an artist is a big challenge so you should realize how to go with it as well as how to take it.

Photo: Cecilia Betancourt

SUISSEPIC: What inspires you to paint?

Cecilia: Mainly my own feelings, thoughts and life reflections. I need to realize that the project is mine. Painting is like a flow. Once you start having materials in a hand, you launch your creation to flow.

However, a lot of ideas and inspiration have also come from other artists and exhibitions.

I also wrote a novel. Creating my book I understood that throughout my life writing was my way to understand myself and painting the way to express myself.

SUISSEPIC: How would you call your style?

Cecilia: It is figurative and most of my works are oil on canvas. I also use mixed materials and oil on canvas. My audience name it “from impressionist to expressionism”. My last work could be related to surrealism.

SUISSEPIC: What do you want to tell with your works?

Cecilia: There have been various series in the last years. The one that I started last summer and still working on, relates to the acceptance. It covers the light but the dark sides in me as well. This contrast of those two poles coming together to create depth and the reality of life as a whole. Acceptance is about how everything in nature is constructed by the same energy and the same waves.

Photo: Cecilia Betancourt

SUISSEPIC: Do you exhibit? When are you planning the next exhibition?

Cecilia: Yes, I do at least one solo exhibition a year, and I took part in many group exhibitions throughout the years in Switzerland, Paris, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Florence, Rome and Caracas, to mention a few.

My coming exhibition will take place in Zurich on the 26. March.

SUISSEPIC: Do you hold any public master classes? 

Cecilia: I have creative workshops for children and seminars for adults and both take place in the cultural center of my home town, Stallikon. I also work with the team of the start-up FromMee leading their painting events in Zurich.

SUISSEPIC: What is that to be an artist in Zurich? What are the vibes of the city?

Cecilia: Zurich is such a diverse and international city so, of course, this is also reflected in the arts and art institutions and artists from many different countries and backgrounds.

SUISSEPIC: What is your favorite Swiss city?

Cecilia: Zurich as it is my city place and has been for years but lately my visits to Lausanne made me fall in love with it in many ways, and Basel is a wonderful city of arts.