From Marketing to Art For Happiness, A Talk with a Swiss Artist

Mar 2, 2020 | Fine art | 0 comments

Oliver Schibli is a modern multidisciplinary Swiss artist, successfully exhibited in Asia and the United Arab Emirates. Looking for internal happiness 8 years ago he changed his career in Marketing and Sales For Art.

SUISSEPIC: For how long have you been in involved in the art? Is it your main occupation?

Oliver Schibli: I started to create Art in School time. Previously, I was employed in Marketing and Sales. However, eight years ago, I realized that I did not feel entirely happy at my Job so I decided to quit my safe job in Zurich and move to Asia. There I found a nice Studio/Gallery and focused on my passion and development of my own style.

I spent 2 years in Asia and then came back to Switzerland to move forward with my Art career. At the same time, I won the Emerging Artist Award during Art Dubai and since then this is my main occupation.

Photo: Olivier Schibli

SUISSEPIC: Which city are you based?

Oliver: I am based in Niederrohrdorf, a little and quiet village. After spending 25 years in vibrant Zurich I needed a green and peaceful place to proceed my creations.

SUISSEPIC: Who influenced your art the most?

Oliver: I was influenced by many painters like Picasso, Dali, Diego Rivera and Jean Michel Basquiat.

SUISSEPIC: Where do get inspiration today?

Oliver: I got my inspiration every day from daily life whatever touches my soul will land somehow in a painting later on.

SUISSEPIC: What do you want to tell with your works?

Oliver: I have many different series. In every new painting there is always something new that express my feelings and thoughts.

Photo: Olivier Schibli

SUISSEPIC: What is your style?

Oliver: It all began with my ancient Guardian Faces. It is one of the most well-known to public. At that time I was influenced a lot by the Art of the Egyptians, Azteks, Mayas. It has a lot Gold Leaf in it. I still paint some faces today but more in an abstract way.

Then I was totally focused on the Time aspect. I wanted to express what we do with the precious seconds of our Lives.

Last year I started working upon a new Royal Abstract which I have just exhibited in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in Feb 2020.

SUISSEPIC: Do you exhibit? When are you planning the next exhibition?

Oliver: At the moment my new work is to see all over Dubai and Abu Dhabi by Emerging Scene and Elevation Media. On over 1000+ Digital Screens and with 4-5 million viewers. It is curated by Rebia Naim she was the Director of the Dubai Art Award before and bring me now back to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

“This morning I took some 360° #Dubai views of this week’s featured artist Oliver Schibli from Switzerland! It was a conscious choice as Oliver is a perfect example of the progress in curating art. Winner of the 2016 International Emerging Artist Award, we had partnered with one of Dubai’s top urban landmark to print and display the winning art in billboard format. We could only do this once. Today, in a matter of a click, we are showing art on over 1,000+ digital screens across Dubai and Abu Dhabi giving exposure to half a million viewers daily, thank you technology, thank you @Elevisionmedia!”

My studio  is always open for private viewings by appointment. From the 30th April to the 3rd May I plan to arrange a spring show to exhibit my new series.

Photo: Olivier Schibli

SUISSEPIC: Do you hold any public master classes?

Oliver: I do Art Night, Virtual Reality Art Painting, and other Painting Classes here in my Studio all courses are on the website of 

SUISSEPIC: What is that to be an artist in Switzerland?

Oliver: It is really quiet in Niederrohrdorf where I have my lovely studio. Despite the fact that there is no support for any kind of Art from the local authorities I could say this city is a perfect place to work. It is surrounded by nature which helps to concentrate a lot. My personal vibes are always vibrant and full of inspiration.

SUISSEPIC: What is your favorite Swiss city?

Oliver: Zurich.