Five Major Events In Bern In 2020

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Bern, a UNESCO World Heritage capital city and an administrative capital of Switzerland. Every year Bern hosts a lot of impressive events. Carnivals, musical festivals and sports competitions will drop you into an incredible atmosphere of Swiss hospitality and warmth. 

SUISSEPIC Team has chosen Top Five events to visit in Bern in 2020.  

Photo: Maria Talanova / suissepic

Carnival in Bern

27-29 February 2020

Carnival in Bern is one of the most crowded and popular festivals. The Carnival of Bern takes place every winter and lasts for three days. It begins with a symbolic freeing of the bear from his winter hibernation by the Guggenmusik bands. And then a procession of jesters, musicians and traditional drummers in vibrant costumes with painted faces and masks follows through the streets of the Old Town. The celebration is accompanied by costumed parades, loud music, plenty of traditional dishes and drinking, dancing, singing and exciting games.

Bern International Jazz Festival

17 March-23 May 2020

Bern International Jazz Festival is one of the most attractive and visited musical festivals in Switzerland. Every year Jazz Festival in Bern begins in March and lasts about two months filling the city with sounds of saxophones. In 2020 Bern will host the 45th edition of the Jazz Festival. The best national and international artists of Jazz, Blues and Soul music will give more than 200 concerts in Marians Jazzroom, the Tierpark, the Concert Theatre and the National Theatre.

Photo: Maria Talanova / suissepic


15-18 July 2020

The legendary Gurtenfestival is one of Switzerland’s most famous music events. It lasts on the top of Gurten mountain for four days in July and features an exciting program of different music shows, a camping, a large selection of local and international cuisine, an open-air marketplace and a relaxed friendly atmosphere. This music event attracts over 60 international and local musicians and DJs playing pop, rock, punk, electro, funk, country, sol and blues every year.

Buskers Bern Festival

6-8 August 2020

Buskers is a 3-day street music festival taking place in early August each year. Musicians, dancers, comedians, puppeteers and acrobats come to Bern from various parts of Europe to perform at this open air. There are several stages gathering thousands of visitors to enjoy street shows. Visitors can cheer the performers by throwing money into their hats.

Onion Market

23 November 2020

The Zibelemärit, the Onion market, is a traditional folk festival held every November on the last Monday. The main streets and squares of Bern’s Old Town are filled with market stalls, confetti, and over 50 tons of onions brought by farmers from the surrounding areas to the Swiss capital. On this day, stalls sell a lot of different souvenirs such as onion dolls, animals, wreaths and bouquets as well as delicious food like onion pie, onion sausages and onion soup.

By Kristina Pominova for SUISSEPIC