Five Amazing Zoos in Switzerland to Visit

Mar 8, 2020 | Basel-Stadt, Zürich | 0 comments

Zoos attract thousands of visitors every year and give the chance to get up close with wild animals and learn about their natural habitats and behaviors. There are 15 zoos in Switzerland.

Have a look at our Top five zoos in Switzerland.

Zoo Basel

Zoo Basel is one of the oldest and largest zoos in Switzerland. Its history dates back to 1874. Residents of Basel call it Zolli. It attracts more than 2m people every year. Basel’s zoo is a home to over 600 indigenous and exotic animals. Here, you can see leopards, penguins, lions, elephants, cheetahs, monkeys, rhinoceros and antelope. The zoo is currently constructing a huge marine aquarium, Ozeanium.

Binningerstrasse 40
4054, Basel

Photo: Zoo Basel

Bern Animal park

Bern Animal Park, the Dählhölzli Zoo is open 365 days a year. More than 3,000 animals including monkeys, seals, bears, wolves, leopards, gophers, monkeys, boars, chamois and ibexes are presented here. The whole area is divided into three parts: the petting zoo, the Vivarium and the Eurasian/Palearctic outdoor exhibitions. Admission is charged only for the Vivarium.

Tierparkweg, 1
3005, Bern

Zoo Zurich

Zoo Zurich was founded in 1929. It counts more than 4,000 animals. The zoo features the aquarium, the monkey house and the Masoala rain forest. Bears, giraffes, rhinoceroses, zebras, hyenas, giant tortoises, Alpaca and pandas live here. One of the popular zoo’s events is the Penguin parade, which is performed daily in the afternoons when it’s cold enough, under 10C.

Zürichbergstrasse 221
8044, Zurich

Photo: Zoo Zurich

Bois de la Bâtie Animal Park

Opened in 1945, the Bois de la Bâtie Animal Park is a nice small zoo located in Geneva. It offers to see local Swiss animals such as sheep, wild boars, deer, pigs, rabbits and ponies. It’s open free of charge every day.

Chemin de la Bâtie
1202, Genève

Goldau Nature Park and Zoo

Founded in 1925, Goldau Nature Park and Zoo located between Lake Zug and Lake Lauerz is a home to around 100 indigenous and European animal species. There are vultures, ibexes, boars, marmots wolves, wildcats, foxes and different types of birds. The feeding sika deer, roe and mouflons is allowed here. There are also numerous picnic areas with barbecue facilities and children playgrounds.

Parkstrasse, 40
6410, Goldau

By Kristina Pominova for SUISSEPIC