Create Beauty in Montreux, A Story of An Artist

May 17, 2018 | Fine art | 0 comments

Kirsh lives in Switzerland for 13 years and paints inspiring abstract plots of interaction among humans. This young woman already exhibits her artworks in cosy cafes and creative hubs in Geneva. And she is also quite active on social media. So, we talk.

Her figures seem to have a sort of mysterious discreet communication in a huge emotional flow circling in the world of global changes. These two turned out to be able carefully protect their fragile happiness as a special secret having all the passions and temptations as a colorful background.

She started at the moment which probably is the most important one for every single woman, after getting her baby born. Being encouraged by a beloved man beside, she began this hobby from smaller works moving step by step to larger pieces.

“I was home with not much to do when our baby slept. I loved it and started to paint every day, mostly smaller works, moving to larger pieces over the years”

Photo: Kirsh Burchill

Kirsh admits that the style was not easy to find mainly because she worked with lots of colors while creating one plot. So she spend almost 10 years trying, mixing, making errors and continuing doing what she fell in love into.

“I like to portray diversity and uniqueness, there is always a lot of movement and color within the figures I paint, leaving the backgrounds usually more muted. My most recent project is abstract crowds and I am inspired by the major cities I go to when I travel, seeing how different we all are and relaying that in my work”.

You can currently find her works at Cafe des Arts in the Pâquis in Geneva (17 Rue de Pâquis 1201) until May 30th, and at Muse Gueule in Plainpalais at Rue de la Muse 2, 1205 Geneva. By the end of the year she plans to be presented also in Zurich and to launch pottery classes in Lausanne.

Photo: Kirsh Burchill

Probably this love to life and a special feeling of human nature she got having lived in the major world cities and countries like London, New York and California. Coming to Switzerland after years spent in megacities pace turned out to be a great chance to balance mind and obtain a real feeling of life around.

“I do find Switzerland an amazing country to raise my child and feel lucky to live here. It took several years to adapt to the difference in lifestyle and pace, but I travel often to big cities especially back to London so I feel I have found the right balance”.

Add Kirsh Burchill on Facebook as she is really open to communication