Eat Green & Clean: Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurants in Geneva

Veganism is becoming more and more popular. In a previous article, SUISSEPIC mentioned that eating green is becoming one of the biggest trends of 2018. Since 2013, Google Trends has noticed an increase in the number of requests related to veganism and vegetarian food.

There are approximately 50 to100 users a day in Switzerland that are searching for something that relates to the words “vegan” or “vegetarian”. Most of the requests are coming from big cities such as Geneva, Zurich, Basel, Zug, and Neuchâtel, and there is an explanation of this tendency.

A 2017 survey by Swissveg found that “the «average vegan» [in Switzerland] is between 15 and 34 years old, well educated and lives in the city”. Following global trends, I started to learn more about “green & clean” food. A friend read one of my previous articles where I explored vegan/vegetarian places in Bern and Zurich, as well as finding proper Swiss vegetarian dishes. After reading the article, my friend asked me:

“Hey, are you vegan?”

“Not yet”, I said.

“Good answer. Do you know about vegan ice-cream shop in Carouge? They serve a great number of flavors such as cassis, coffee, strawberry, mango, vanilla, pistachio, and chocolate.”

From this conversation, I did some more research on places where one could enjoy vegan/vegetarian dishes in Geneva.


Rue des Barques 2, Geneva, 1207

ALIVE is a full service yoga/pilates wellness center and vegan café located a stone’s throw away from the beautiful Lake Leman. This café has perfect floral waters infused with limes and cucumbers, healthy vegan sandwiches, and tartins. Burgers are also available for you to enjoy at this picturesque café. What a wonderful day it is to feel truly alive!

Café Mutin

Boulevard de la Cluse 20, Geneva, 1205

Since March 2018, this 100% vegan café serves homemade dishes for brunch and dinner. There is so much to discover at this café. Maybe try the miso soup, rice vermicelli, Nori seaweed, grilled mushrooms and aubergines, marinated tofu, or kale cabbage. Maybe add a chocolate mousse for dessert to complete your experience.

Crémerie Végane

Rue de la Ferme 9, Geneva, 1205

Want to try vegan cheese? Then check out Crémerie Végane, which is one step from Plainpalais. The vegan cheese, which has a goat aroma to it, was a nominee at the 2018 Swiss Vegan Awards. By the way, this place has a fried vegan cheese option, as well as ice cream.


Rue Kléberg 12, Geneva, 1201
Rue de la Mairie 2, Geneva, 1207

A restaurant, a catering service, and a delivery service all under one roof. Operating in Eaux-Vives and Bergues since 2011, this restaurant provides an array of creative dishes prepared by a Michelin star chef. This restaurant is also proud to use local products in their cooking process. Delivery options to the home and office are available starting 25 CHF. Being an innovative restaurant, Qibi has launched a mobile app that is available to iPhone and Android users.

Illustrations are taken from ALIVE, Cremerie Vegane, Cafe Mutin Facebook pages

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