DNA Pen, A Swiss Made Gift For Christmas

Dec 11, 2019 | Business, Interviews | 0 comments

What could be a great Christmas present for the dearest people of the new epoque when they seem to have everything? A perfect pen is a timeless gift. Prodir, a Swiss brand of writing instruments. Since the 1980’s they have been known for their combinations of technology and creativity.

Finesse. As everything related to Swiss quality.

We had talk with Laura Bazzali, product manager of Prodir, about the DNA Pen, Swiss Design and Success.

Photo: Prodir

Tell us about Prodir

Prodir is a Swiss brand of writing instruments that started way back in the 1980’s. Our new DNA Pen is a completely personalizable pen that combines really striking Swiss design, technology and good old-fashioned hand assembly. You get a pen that’s really unique, just like your DNA, and it makes a fantastic Christmas gift. Check it up in the store

What opportunities does Switzerland create for your business?

Switzerland is more than just a business opportunity, it’s our very identity – part of our DNA as a company. From watches, to clocks, to graphic design, Swiss Design is synonymous with a kind of no-nonsense design that’s beautiful precisely for eliminating the extraneous and concentrating on what you need. And Switzerland’s also important for having some very exacting environmental standards. Some companies might see these demands as a burden, but we don’t.

By continuing to be Swiss, and saying it honestly, we continue to hold ourselves to the very highest standards as a company. People appreciate it all over the world, but especially in Switzerland – and we’re happy to be able to ship our pens free all throughout Switzerland.

Photo: Prodir

What makes your products so special?

Christmas is coming fast. Do you know what you’re going to get everyone? Instead of just another sweater, or an Amazon gift card, why not get them something really different? Whether you design the DNA Pen yourself, or give them a gift card and let them do it, the DNA Pen is something truly unique, something they probably don’t have, and something they’ll remember you for – especially when they write you a thank you note!

The way it works is there are a series of modules in different materials and finishes that you can combine in different ways. It adds up to literally something like a million possible combinations. So the possibility of someone coming up with the same pen is, well, pretty much impossible. Just like your DNA. If that sounds complicated, it’s really pretty easy on our website, and there are even inspirational models you can choose, invented by our own inhouse designers.

Best of all, each pen is 100% Swiss Made and hand-assembled in our factory near Lugano. And they’re refillable, so it’s really a gift that can last a long, long time.

Photo: Prodir

What does success mean to you?

Success for us is seeing somebody happily using one of our products, even years down the road. Not just because we sold a pen but because whenever somebody writes a to-do list, or signs for an apartment rental, or a new car, or any of those other important things in life, they’re using a pen that was the collective effort of a big team of Swiss designers and manufacturers, working in good conditions, using more sustainable processes, and creating something together. Just like, from a personal point of view, you might see all those things that make your friend special in the DNA Pen you get them for Christmas, we see all the people, and skills that went into getting that pen into your hands. And that’s success to us.

How do you develop and set goals?

I think the key to developing and setting goals is to have a few key principles and always stick to them. Our guiding principle is to make the best product we can in the most sustainable way we can. That means continuing to invest in research and design, doing research on new materials, and striving to make pens that aren’t just throw-away items, but made for real people and their lives – year after year.

What geographical area does your business serve?

We ship the DNA pens all over Switzerland and Europe. Shipping is free in Switzerland on any size order, and throughout Europe on orders of two or more pens.

What is your favorite Swiss city and why?

My first thought is Lugano, because that’s where we’re located, but that’s a bit like asking the person you love to name the one thing you like about them. I love Lugano, but also Bern and Lucerne, Geneva, Zurich and Thun. Each city has its own specialties, histories, languages and moods.

I’ve heard people say that in Switzerland there’s something for everybody. I disagree. I think there are many many things for every single person, because every one of us has many interests, moods, feelings and desires. There’s no one single Switzerland, just like there’s no one single quality that defines each of us. Switzerland is many, just like you and me.


Prodir is a leading global brand of writing instruments for promotional purposes. The writing instruments are manufactured exclusively in Switzerland. They are distinguished by their top quality and award-winning design. Seven branch offices and a sales office in Moscow guarantee market-oriented, quick service. Prodir is a brand of Pagani Pens SA, Cadempino, Switzerland.