How a Swiss Couple Launched a Swiss Wine Delivery Service

The production of wine in Switzerland has deep-rooted traditions that date back to the Roman Empire. While Swiss wines do not have as strong an international reputation as compared to French or Italian wines, Switzerland is famous for being one of the top connoisseurs of wine. Young generations are proud of their wine expertise, and are combining their knowledge and passions with digital technology to make their products more visible to the public.

SUISSEPIC had the opportunity to talk with Marielle, a business economist who obtained a Master of Science in Business & Administration in Lucerne. After working in the jewelry and watchmaking industry in Lucerne and Biel for 6 years, Marielle has gone on to discover her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for promoting Swiss made products. Together with Valentin, who is originally from the Canton of Vaud, and their 25% share in wine production, the pair launched a digital startup that is aimed at promoting local wine producers.

“We want to support the winegrowers and their work by discovering their incredible wines and vintages selected by us. This will also allow you to get to know the wines and producers of the different regions of Switzerland and their particularities”

Now, the lives of this fantastic couple are divided between the vineyards, cellars, computers, and smartphones.

The family startup, MesVignerons, is a subscription-based service that provides customers the opportunity to order local wines (through a website) with free shipping. This of course is one of the advantages of their subscription-based service. The customer also has the option of selecting a wine with an expert’s opinion. This would give the customer the opportunity to not only try new wines, but would also fulfill their tasting desires. A one-time-only payment with MesVignerons allows the customer to choose a box of 2-3 bottles of red or white wine (or mixed) and the length of the subscription (1, 3, 6 or 12 months). Upon confirmation of the subscription, the customer will receive a nice box of wine delivered right to their doorstep near the end of the month.

One important note: the customer should have the order submitted by the 8th of each month. This will allow MesVignerons to deliver the wine between the 25th and 30th of each month.

SUISSEPIC is extremely impressed by this lovely couple and their efforts to promote domestic products that make Switzerland a wonderful country.

We wish you the very best of luck guys!

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