Digital Influence in Switzerland, a Talk with a Journalist and Story-Maker

Feb 5, 2021 | Fempreneurship | 0 comments

Digital technologies are changing the portrait of a modern world and our way to be. The speed and the size of information flow push us to move more and be very adaptive to the new living conditions. To manage this task you have to be ready to act, experiment, and strengthen your own information filters.

We had a talk with a person who works with information every day and feels the influence of its growing flow. Margot Delevaux, a journalist of RTSInfo about digital influence in Switzerland, how it influences the job of a journalist, and her particular digital role.

Instagram: Margot Delevaux

SUISSEPIC: How do the technologies influence the work of a journalist?

Margot Delevaux: Technology accelerates production pace and enhances mobility thanks to a wide range of portable devices. The multitude of tools and platforms available forces us to master all the steps of a format if we want to keep track of what is happening. Multidisciplinarity has never been so topical in the industry. Nevertheless, I believe it is impossible to become experts in everything and to exceed the speed of the information flow. In the end, we all have affinities for a particular field or task we should strengthen.

SUISSEPIC: Which skills are essential for a person who wants to be a successful journalist?

Margot: To be a journalist, and more importantly a good journalist, there is no ready-made recipe. I think that you first need to be curious, open-minded, creative and adventurous. To be credible and legitimate, a journalist needs to stick to the facts. Therefore, it is vital to be rigorous and meticulous. Nowadays, it is also very important to have pugnacity and the ability to resist stress. The art of questioning oneself is also essential. But beyond all that, it is a passionate job that requires total devotion.

SUISSEPIC: How did you come up to the idea to launch le Rencard?

Margot: Le Rencard is a summary of the daily news. It is published from Monday to Friday at 5pm as a story on Instagram and Facebook. It is a format that evolves throughout the day, my text written in the morning is often very different from the one published at 5pm. I speak as much about Swiss news as I do about international news. The goal is also to give visibility to constructive initiatives, solidarity actions or practical information. Le Rencard reaches out to a public that is often young and active on social networks. A large part of the work also consists of creating links and bridging with the audience. 

Instagram: rtsinfo

SUISSEPIC: What do you think about Swiss digital marketing development?

Margot: Swiss digital marketing thrives on the different language communities and is strengthened by this diversity. The same applies to Geneva… It is an international hub, and it’s extremely rewarding to witness the influences of so many countries in one place. In my opinion, the strength of the Swiss digital marketing also lies in its visual identity. Switzerland has at its disposal very gifted people who know how to adapt a specific content for a specific audience. The key is there: creating original content for a particular medium. Each format has its own codes and language.

SUISSEPIC: I admire your format of Stories that you offered to the public on the Instagram of RTS Info? How do you get your inspiration?

Margot: I find my inspiration mainly while traveling, when sharing with my loved ones, during lively debates over a good meal, or through inspiring books. I also watch, listen to and read a substantial number of media. I am interested in aesthetics in all its forms: photography, literature, ceramics, architecture, graphic design, radio art and so on… 

Instagram: Margot Delevaux

SUISSEPIC: What is your preferred city in Switzerland?

Margot: I really love Basel. I’ve lived there for two years and I discovered the banks of the Rhine with the help of my wonderful bike! The city has the best German and French aspects infused with a swiss spirit… Perfect match for me. There are so many places to explore, especially when considering the number of museums there. I spent most of my time in Kleinbasel, which represents the East Berlin of Switzerland to me. Nature is close at hand and partying there has always been authentic and intense.