How To Use Images for Illustrations

May 30, 2018 | Digital | 0 comments

SUISSEPIC’s Instagram account attracted attention of more 20,000 followers. We have to admit, that quite often people ask a piece of advice how to develop their corporate accounts in social media. Let’s share some tips.

Remember: your image matters a lot!

They attract user’s attention, confirm your thoughts and may stimulate discussions.
Images transmit sense of the content in a jiff which makes them be even more useful than the videos. To watch the last ones you have to spend time, and time is money.

Quality matters!

Some CMS (not all) optimize size of the uploaded images automatically and the pages will load quickly. The width of a full-size image has to be at least 1600pm (FullHD is 1920×1080). You can easily change the size of the image with a special software like Adobe Photoshop or use online services. There some of them:

Aesthetics matters!

In addition to the technical side, the aesthetic is important. Images should be clear, sharp, and also meet the following requirements:

  • Have natural colors. Supersaturated in color, the photos look bad.
  • Transfer volume and perspective. Avoid perspective distortion and flat photos. The latter are often obtained with a flash “on the forehead.”
  • Have the correct exposure. The picture should not be too dark or overexposed.
  • Be “clean”. Avoid digital noise, graininess, pixelization, light.

These rules are relevant both to documentary and artistic photos. However in some cases, you can dismiss these rules. For example while choosing an illustration for news.

Copyright matters!

Don’t choose images of the authors who could claim about the infringement of copyright. This concerns the images that can be downloaded from Google Search.

  • Use photostocks
  • Purchase an image directly from the author
  • Use your own images

List of recommended photostocks