Contemplations Genevoises: A Life Of An Artist In Geneva

Oct 29, 2019 | Fine art

Gaelle moved from France she moved to Switzerland. As a professional communication specialist she successfully transformed her hobby of painting into main occupation. Today she exhibits and gives painting classes in Geneva enjoying serenity and cosmopolitism of the city.

SUISSEPIC: For how long have you been in involved in the art? Is it your main occupation?

Gaelle: I have always loved art (painting and photography) and now I have been painting for more than 20 years. At the beginning, it was hobby but painting has progressively become my main activity. Today I organize exhibitions and give painting classes in Geneva.

SUISSEPIC: How did you start painting? Is there a story behind?
Gaelle: I was not at all programmed to be a painter. On the contrary… I studied marketing and communications in a Business School. I had to stop working to take care of my young daughter when we realized she had a motor disability. Stopping working had been a real frustration for me but I started to take art classes in a Parisian studio and it led me where I am today. After 20 years, I can assume I am an artist: what an adventure.

SUISSEPIC: What do you want to tell with your works?
Gaelle: My paintings are like contemplation moments. I like to share the beauty and poetry of the landscapes I live in. I try to slow down, to fix the calm and serenity of the nature and to capture the changing lights.

Photo: Gaëlle Mot

SUISSEPIC: What do you find the most inspiring thing?
Gaelle: I am mainly inspired by the sea and the lakes. My first painting was a seascape in Brittany, I had to fix that beauty !

Today, I am completely inspired – maybe obsessed by Lake Geneva and its amazing lights and colors, anytime of the day. The Bains des Pâquis is a place I love to go to and to paint. In Zurich, I loved the foggy mornings on the Zurichsee and the reflections on the Limmat.

SUISSEPIC: Do you exhibit? When are you planning the next exhibition?

Gaelle: For now, I don’t have any exhibition forecast. You can always discover my paintings in my gallery on my website. I love when expatriates call me to buy a painting they will bring back home, or to a new place around the world.

SUISSEPIC: Tell about your activities in oil-classes.
Gaelle: In my oil-classes, I teach all the techniques to make a painting. At the beginning, I teach about making colors which is the most important to me. Afterwards, we directly start a painting (still-life or landscape) and I accompany each student in his/her painting process. I give my oil-classes in the Atelier du Square, in the heart of Geneva. It is a great and luminous studio where creativity and conviviality make you take a happy break.

Photo: Gaëlle Mot

SUISSEPIC: You moved from France to Zurich and Geneva. What is the main difference among French atmosphere, and the atmosphere of various parts of Switzerland?

Gaelle: Moving to Zurich was a real expatriation as it is far different from France. We discovered the richness of Switzerland culture, history and landscapes, at the very heart of Europe. Switzerdutch language is quiet an experience when you arrive in Zurich. In Geneva, it is a little different as we are very close to France and there is no language barrier for me. Here, I enjoy the high quality of life, the proximity of nature, the cosmopolitan atmosphere, the courtesy of people and the Swiss pragmatism…

SUISSEPIC: What is your favourite Swiss city?
Gaelle: Difficult question I can’t answer as each city has its proper atmosphere and charms. For instance, I can’t choose between Zurich and Geneva. As I come back from vacations in Engadin, Graubunden, I can say I love Sils-Maria (10 minutes away from Sankt Moritz). It is a wonderful and typical village where ski-vacations are very particular to me.

SUISSEPIC: Do you like travelling? What is your favorite country ?

Gaelle: I like travelling even though I am not an intensive traveler. I wish I could go back to Italy where I have so many other places to discover.

Photo: Gaëlle Mot