Integrity system for SUISSEPIC readers

In their boutique consultancy, Denise Nickerson & Michelle Guiliano work with multinationals, UN Organizations, SMEs, startups, NGOs and thought leaders. Their expertise is in education, conscious high performing teams, communications strategy and personal development.  Together, they write and deliver curriculum, events, and speeches, character, leadership, coaching, and emotional intelligence. To meet the demands of 21st century, they have taken the best of their professional experience and rich backgrounds and created an online personal development program called The Integrity System™.

Their program is designed to meet the needs of busy people who would like to have the active support of a coach at the time he or she needs it most. For the readers of SUISSEPIC they are ready to offer the chance to WIN a FREE 90- Minute live Strategic Coaching Session with both Denise Nickerson & Michelle Guiliano worth EUR 750, a prize drawing made available to those who purchase The Integrity System™ at the SUISSPIC exclusive rate of 50% off! That is EUR 197 instead of EUR 397!

The Integrity System™ gives you the formula for successful leadership in life and work. As you work the system for yourself for the first time, through the 12 Training Sessions, 13 Case Studies, 15 Mindful Moments, and your own personal engagement with the 10 Challenges, worksheets, and transcripts, we know your mindset, attitude, and emotional experience will shift. This will help you to sustain motivation and feel greater joy, clarity, and momentum while achieving your dreams!  Don’t miss this exclusive offer. Take advantage of your chance to win free coaching and benefit from the discount today here.

SUISSEPIC: What can we experience in The Integrity System™?

Denise: The Integrity System™ is a research-based process that can be used with speed or in an in-depth manner, entirely alone or with groups or teams.  You can work at your own pace and on your own timeline and you can rework the system again and again on different challenges or opportunities throughout your life.

Michelle: Our clients use The Integrity System™ to define and work effectively on their goals. Within the system, they find greater harmony and synergy with their identity and their purpose. They reactivate and discover motivation for achievement!  Because The Integrity System™ contains challenges and personal development strategies that can be put into practice immediately, and because new insights can be drawn from the Case Studies, people tend to grow!

Denise: That’s right! Growing skills is a bonus side effect when our clients commit to taking advantage of the elements in The Integrity System™. People are so busy – especially talented and accomplished people! Many are suffering from stress, isolation and a feeling of overwhelm. So we’ve developed tools through years of use with our clients to help you evaluate how you spend your time and make decisions. When crisis strikes, sudden changes take place, or key decision-making would make all of the difference, you will have a process for focusing on what is important to you. Wouldn’t you like to experience greater joy and freedom, even relieve stress, during the difficult or most important times of your life? Don’t you want to make the most out of all the education and training you have already received to further your career, your passion projects, your relationships, and your experience of life?

Michelle: Yes! We also really felt the pain of losing my father in 2017, one of our business mentors, and that matters, because I know your SuissePic readers know, that it’s important to live now! Life is finite. Our time is precious! Most of us have lots to do before we die and beautiful people to connect with and share life with! We know that if you’re reading this far, you have a legacy project or mission and that you know what you need to do to get there! Wouldn’t it be nice to accelerate your plans or get it on the calendar, mark the milestones, and find the emotional leverage you need to ignite, sustain and further your dreams? We sure want that for you and all those we come in contact with! We hope to reach millions of people! For this reason, it was important to us to build a product that we knew not only was a catalyst for those hungry for change, accelerated achievement, or a better return on their learning investment, but a process that is affordable and available for everyone!

SUISSEPIC: How does The Integrity System™ work?

Denise: The system helps you coach yourself through The Ten Questions, coaching questions, that you ask yourself and answer in depth, situation by situation. What’s wonderful about it is that you can use it repeatedly for each goal, dream, challenge, problem or issue you want to work on. When you buy The Integrity System™, you have lifetime access to the product and so will have it to use whenever you would like. People use The Ten Questions again and again for clarity concerning the situation at hand along with the other elements as needed.

Michelle: The Integrity System™ has fifteen guided mindfulness exercises or meditations, over a dozen case studies, videos, suggested writing exercises, worksheets, challenges linked to The Ten Questions, and ten in-depth training sessions. It’s a coaching process where you decide how intensely you will work through the program as needed for your personal situation.

Denise: Exactly! It’s your virtual team and we’re a positive force ready to serve you and to cheer you along the way.

SUISSEPIC: Who would benefit from trying The Integrity System™?

Michelle: Men and women who want to make a difference in the world and to live more fully and authentically, regardless of their current life situation. It’s for people who have never benefitted from coaching and would like to try it out before making a commitment to a more expensive coaching program or before hiring a coach to work with live.

Denise: It’s also for those lifelong learners, Coaches, Experts and Leaders who have extensive personal development training but who aren’t using it to further their dreams or who have lost motivation in work or life. It’s for anyone who has a problem to solve or a dream to build.

Michelle: It’s for people who want freedom from spending time on tasks that don’t make an impact or freedom from time spent on the wrong things entirely. It’s for people who know that living with integrity feels amazing!

SUISSEPIC: Thank you both again for this incredible offer for our community! Thank you too for agreeing to answer some questions about your new online coaching product and personal development tool. We here at SuissePic know what a great coach can mean for businesses and individuals alike. Thanks for offering this prize drawing worth EUR 750 for a 90-minute session with the two of you for our SuissePic community.  Can you please remind us exactly what to do?

Denise: Sure! The offer is for those who take advantage of this 50% off, pre-launch sale of The Integrity System™. Instead of paying EUR 397, your readers can use the link below to pay only EUR 197! Get your copy today and be entered to WIN a FREE Strategic Coaching Session worth EUR 750 with both me and Michelle over phone, Skype or in person –  wherever and whenever possible! Click on the link to learn more and win!
See you inside of The Integrity System™!

Michelle: Good Luck!