World Famous Fashion Brands From Switzerland

Dec 8, 2018 | Style | 0 comments

Switzerland is the birthplace of many world-famous brands. The country is not associated with a world’s fashion capital. However it is a home of a number of clothing brands which became widely well-known.



Founded in 1922 as a family business in the town of St.Gallen, Akris achieved success in the world. The brand is known brand in Europe and the United States. This luxury fashion label manufactures women’s wear and accessories. They underline modernity and feminity in every piece with fine materials like cashmere, wool and leather.



Bally is a Swiss clothing and leather-goods brand. It was established in 1851 as a footwear producer. Since then, Bally expanded over the years. Today it offers men’s and women’s accessories and eyewear. Leather goods vary from luxurious loafers and fur-lined winter boots to multiple belts, bags and wallets as well as clothing for men and women. 

Jet Set


Established in St.Moritz in 1969, Jet Set became a luxury sportswear brand. This ski fashion brand combines style innovations with high-tech materials. Creative prints, extraordinary colors and glamorous designs are among the main features of Jet Set.



Mammut is a Swiss Alpine Brand with over 150 years of experience. Established 1862 as a rope-making company it became one of the biggest of the outdoor alpine equipment. Mammut produces world-class outdoor gear, including climbing ropes, footwear and specialized clothes for both amateur and experienced athletes. Clothes and shoes are well-known for their quality, functionality, and safety.



Founded in 1985, Strellson has a long history of designing trendsetting menswear. This Swiss brand was spread in more than 40 countries. It produces clothes, shoes and accessories. It also manufacturers smart and stylish business suits, shirts, jackets, coats, casual jeans, sweaters as well as wallets, fragrances and etc. etc.

Tally Weijl


Tally Weijl, a Swiss brand manufacturing stylish clothes for young women and girls. It was founded in 1984 in the canton of Solothurn. Today, Tally Weijl has over 760 stores in 37 countries with casual clothing, footwear and accessoires for self-confident and ultra-stylish women and girls.