Climbing Mont Blanc Experience

Jul 24, 2019 | Ambassadors | 0 comments

Gio Rosafio, a member of SUISSEPIC’s Ambassadors Photo Club from Geneva conquered Mont-Blanc on the 21st July. SUISSEPIC’s Team is proud with you achievement, dear friend! Here is a short summary of Gio’s adventure.

“To climb Mont Blanc was a dream and we started preparing to this challenge a year ago with my friend Natalia Morgese. On July 21st  we did it! We were supposed to leave at 2 AM from Tetes Rousses hut. However the storm and the strong wind made us wait till until 7h AM. We made the next stop at around 10h00 at Gouter hut.

At 12h 00 leaving the hut, we felt adrenaline boiling in the blood as we were very close to the target.

At around 4600m, the wind was strong so we got exhausted quickly and started to be afraid of falling. We reduced our speed and continued at a low pace. At around 16h00 we did it – we reached the top. You need to be fit to do it, as the ridges are not so technically difficult but very long and steep. What is more important that the Gouter corridor is dangerous because of the stones that may fall.

Anyway, it was the greatest experience ever!”