Christmas Ideas: Leman Covid Box

Nov 19, 2020 | Geneva

Lockdown during the COVID-19 period motivated Leah Henderson, 19, a student from Geneva, to develop special Christmas boxes for Lac Leman residents. She call them COVID Boxes willing to share some joy and happiness with those who passed or still facing difficulties caused by COVID.

The idea came to Leah in spring during a massive lockdown time when she was missing hugs from her family and friends. She remembered the moments when being a schoolgirl she received a package or a letter from her grandmother. Hence she created her boxes filling them with essential goods: a creative facemask, sweets and aroma oils.

Photo: Leah Henderson

She said about her concept that it included: “an exciting package to brighten up your day full of lovely bits to make up for the lack of hugs”.

Covid Box is a sugarbox of locally sourced products from around Lac Leman. Packed by Leah. She also collaborate with a number of artists and independent shops to fill the boxes with a range of goodies. Leah distribute them in France, Switzerland and the UK.