Celebrating Diversity Through Art – the Music Video Geneva

Jan 31, 2019 | Geneva, Music | 0 comments

At the end of January three artists Geni Deli, Stefano Pollastri, and Jaumesse released the music video for their song GENEVA.

The video tells a story of a newcomer arriving in Geneva. Along her path, she discovers the spirit of the Capital of Peace encountering new neighborhoods, new people and a variety of cultures. The song lyrics are a mix of languages that include French, English and Italian.

Jaumesse, Geni Deli and Stefano Pollastri, who come from different backgrounds and reside in and around Geneva, wanted to present their city from another perspective. Their song is a celebration of Geneva and cities like it that promote diversity, solidarity, sharing, and community.

One of the main goals of the GENEVA project is to remind people how important it is to learn from one another.

Photo: @Gio Rosafio

Watch for key aspects in the music video such as one of the pianos from the project “Play Me, I’m Yours” [www.streetpianos.com] and cameos by many famous artists like – the Titeuf comic series creator Zep, the djs of Lulúxpo, and the rapper KT Gorique.