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Zurich is the biggest canton in Switzerland. It is known as a city of international business and one of the main innovation hubs in Europe. Zurich gained the 2nd place as a city with the best quality of life. 

Top Five Family Activities in Zurich

Zurich has a huge range of leisure activities for children never get bored here. Besides parks and playgrounds family activities in Zurich include visiting observatory and museums, chocolate factory and, of course, mountains!

Five Amazing Zoos in Switzerland to Visit

Zoos attract thousands of visitors every year and give the chance to get up close with wild animals and learn about their natural habitats and behaviors. There are 15 zoos in Switzerland.

From Mexico To Zurich, A Life Of An Artist

Cecilia left colorful Mexico for Switzerland. In Zurich she discovered artistic freedom that helped her to re-create home atmosphere. Today she experiments with colors and materials, holds workshops and prepares her own exhibition.

How To Move To Zurich, Tips For Expats

As a world’s financial and scientific center, Zurich is plenty of expats. How to manage a feeling of being lost in a new city. We had a talk with Arjanna. Recently she changed exiting atmosphere of San Francisco for a life in Zurich. 

We asked her to compare two different ways of living and share some tips with expats who have plans to move to Switzerland.

Famous Auction Houses In Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the world’s major auction centers. This includes dozens of major international auction houses such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s, as well as local ones.