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Quick look into history of legendary watchmaking brands

TAG Heuer – Swiss Sports Watches

TAG Heuer, a legendary Swiss watch brand, is admired by all for its timepieces, and by celebrities such as Daniel Craig, Leonardo DiCaprio, Pierce Brosnan, Brad Pitt, Maria Sharapova, and Uma Thurman. Discover TAG Heuer’s history and learn more about one of the legendary watchmaking manufacturers.

History Of OMEGA, A Swiss Watchmaking Brand

Omega is one of the best-known and respected Swiss luxury watch brands in the world today. The name “Omega” derives from the last letter in the Greek alphabet, which means achievement and perfection. These are two qualities that define every watch created by this brand.

A Quick Look At 110 years Of Rolex’s History

Swiss Rolex is a well-known symbol of luxurious lifestyle and a “must-have” for all the members of cream society. Producing over 2,00 exclusive timepieces a day this company could easily be named as a king of watchmaking. SUISSEPIC had a short look into history of the brand.