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Swiss Made

Swiss made is a marker indicating that the product was created or made at the territory of Switzerland.
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Top Swiss Skincare Brands

Switzerland is famous for its fresh mountain air, crystal-clear lakes, luxury watches, and delicious chocolates. This country is also known for producing exceptional beauty products.

Swiss Wine, Famous Wineries In Ticino

Ticino is the fourth largest winegrowing canton in Switzerland. Vineyards from this Italian-speaking canton have been planting grapes since the days of the Roman Empire.

Five Places To Eat Fondue In Geneva

Fondue is a beloved Swiss meal. It will certainly fill you up with a warm, rich taste, and goes great with French bread, meats, and vegetables. Five places to eat a perfect fondue in Geneva.

Traditions Of Production Of Emmental

Emmentaler is one of the most famous Swiss cheese. Its name comes after the Emme Valley (the canton of Bern), where it has been produced since 13th century.

Comprehensive Guide To Swiss Cheese

Switzerland has been producing soft, buttery, and hard melting cheeses since the 13th century. On average, Switzerland exports more than 28,000 tons of cheese to the world. SUISSEPIC is ready to tell you about three cheeses known worldwide – Appenzeller cheese, Sbrinz cheese, and Tête de Moine cheese.