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Made at Home

Even having dozens of Michelin starred restaurants, the Swiss are not famous for being worlds' gourmands.
Probably because of the prices which are very high.
Having good quality products at the supermarkets they like to cook at home. Not always the cheese as a main dish.
We had a look at the tables and discovered that Swiss people cook all types of world cuisines' specialities from Latin America to Tanzania.

Five Recipes With Gruyere Cheese To Try

How many varieties of cheese are produced in Switzerland? More than 450. Gruyere is considered to be a Swiss landmark. It is widely used in Swiss national cuisine. SUISSEPIC collected 5 the most popular recipes with Gruyere.

Russian Cuisine Master-Class in Geneva

SUISSEPIC inspired by Russian food specialties, which once were discovered at La Berezka, epicerie russe in Eaux-Vives, decided to visit Lidiya, a unique supplier of the store, to know the secrets of baking process and really love her occupation.

How to Make Gingerbread Cookies

Can you imagine Christmas without tasty food? Me definitely not. I have to confess that everything related to good meal inspires me. Cooking process as well as Christmas tree decoration has a great uniting effect. This weekend I spent with my mom baking gingerbread hearts cookies.

Swiss Raclette Cooking Class in the USA

Fabio, born in New York, attends film classes at the University of Missouri (Kansas City, USA). He has his family ties in Switzerland, as his father lives in Zurich and tries to be connected with his country even being abroad. Fabio likes to cook and sometimes he performs a Swiss culinary arts in America for his friends. Of course Suissepic could not miss the chance to know about that.