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Swiss Food

You can often hear the question if Swiss cuisine exists or not? The Swiss are very proud of their local products.
They also carefully develop agricultural technologies and follow global trends. The Swiss are well known because of their chocolate, cheese, wines and coffee culture.

Restaurants in Switzerland


Top Michelin Starred Restaurants In Zurich

A Michelin star is the most coveted award for any chef and/or restaurant owner. A restaurant can obtain such an award through its creativity, innovation, and preparation of unique dishes.

Vegetartians in Switzerland






Five Places To Eat Fondue In Geneva

Fondue is a beloved Swiss meal. It will certainly fill you up with a warm, rich taste, and goes great with French bread, meats, and vegetables. Five places to eat a perfect fondue in Geneva.



Swiss Coffee Culture

Every day over 1,400 million cups of coffee are drunk in the world. One of the leaders in terms of the rate of coffee consumption is Switzerland, with an average Swiss having 5 cups a day or 1,200 cups a year.

Swiss wine