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Switzerland offers attractive business conditions for young businessmen to start their business. Clear schemes of opening the business boost entrepreneural activities. Discover stories of those who launched and run their small entreprises dreaming of a great future. 

Five Сoworkings In Lausanne

Coworkings in Lausanne offer options for every taste and budget. We have selected 5 different coworking spaces in Lausanne.

First Social Car Sharing In Switzerland

In 2012 Youness Felouati founded the first social car-sharing platform in Switzerland. Hence, gave the chance to people to rent their cars to neighbours.

A Driverless Bus Transports People In The Сenter Of Neuhausen

In March citizens of Neuhausen am Rheinfall faced a self-driving bus at the streets of their city. This autonomous vehicle operates at Route 12 between central Neuhausen and Industrieplatz. Since then it brought already 11,000 passengers to their destinations.