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Business in Switzerland

Switzerland is famous worldwide for its attractive business conditions. Four official national languages turn any entrepreneural initiative in a truly international activity. Here you can discover some facts about Swiss startups and business culture. Learn about business stories, big brands and entrepreneurship in Switzerland.

DNA Pen, A Swiss Made Gift For Christmas

What could be a great Christmas present for the dearest people of the new epoque when they seem to have everything? A perfect pen is a timeless gift. Prodir, a Swiss brand of writing instruments. Since the 1980’s they have been known for their combinations of technology and creativity.

How To Drive Volunteering In Switzerland

Sheryl is based in Zermatt. She works for a pet-caring association. With SUISSEPIC she shared her story of setting up a volunteering community in Switzerland and engaging new members.

And believe us, it is not easy, but Sheryl does her best and enjoys.