St. Gallen

St. Gallen is a German-speaking canton in the East of Switzerland. Its capital is St. Gallen. Agriculture, especially diary production and catteling are among main occupations here as well as optical goods, pyrotechnics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

The canton of St. Gallen borders with Austria and Liechtenstein, Swiss cantons of Graubunden, Glarus, Schwyz, Zurich, Thurgau.

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people live in St. Gallen

Bad Ragaz

famous thermal spa
is located here
How To Drive Volunteering in Switzerland

How To Drive Volunteering in Switzerland

Sheryl is based in Zermatt. She works for a pet-caring association. With SUISSEPIC she shared her story of setting up a volunteering community in Switzerland and engaging new members.

And believe us, it is not easy, but Sheryl does her best and enjoys.

Integrity system for SUISSEPIC readers

Integrity system for SUISSEPIC readers

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