Ça Va Chier: 29 years of playing AC/DC in Switzerland

Nov 22, 2018 | Interviews, Music | 0 comments

During Fêtes de Genève I was crawling around with a couple of mates. A sudden sound of AC/DC’s “Hell Bells” made me stop beside the stage. I turned my head to look at the musicians and saw them starting to perfom real rock in UNDERPANTS! Of course, I was curious to know them better.

They are Ça Va Chier. They play cover rock in Geneva for almost 29 years. Once at Mr. Pickwick’s we met behind the stage to have a talk.

Photo: Maria Talanova / suissepic

SUISSEPIC: How did you created the band?

César Dominguez: “In the beginning, we were just friends who played in different groups and listened good music in the same places. A moment after, we decided to play together what we already knew very well together: AC/DC and Motorhead. And we started to make small concerts at birthday parties etc”.

SUISSEPIC: And who chose the name Ça Ca Chier for the band?

John Mac Grugebill, a guitarist of Ça Va Chier: At our first concert we performed without a name. We actually never thought about the name for the band. However, one day there was a festival. The organizer asked me: “Okay, and what is the name of the group?”

At that moment, I immediately started to think: “My God, there should be something very fast and very energetic. So, Ca va Chier was just perfect to express it”.

Do you know what is the translation of Ça Va Chier from French? (laughing). 

[Editor’s note: Ça va chier can be translated as “the shit is coming” from French]

SUISSEPIC: What groups influenced your style the most?

Together: AC/DC! However, many years ago we played together with Metallica. It was Metallica’s concert in Bern during their World Tour, and we were playing at the group Apocalypse as a warming-up session.

SUISSEPIC: How many concerts a year do you have?

César Dominguez: Around 10-15 a year. Mostly in Switzerland. Some of them are held also in France.

SUISSEPIC: Which of your concerts was the most influential for you?

César Dominguez: It was a TV concert 10 years ago. Just before New Year on 30 December we played 15 song LIVE. We were in front of the public and were shown on the TV. For us it was a super emotional moment. 

Photo: Maria Talanova / suissepic

SUISSEPIC: Who designed your stage costumes?

Together (laughing): It was him! Fire Roupette, a drummer of Ça Va Chier!

SUISSEPIC: I guess that Ça Va Chier is mostly a hobby but what is the main occupation of all the group members?

César Dominguez: We are just normal people. We work at the office, fixing electricity or heating, driving cars, for insurance and IT.

SUISSEPIC: How do you plan your concert agenda?

John Mac Grugebill: We are not planning concerts. We use social networks, especially Facebook, to tell about our group, our website. And, a lot of people contact us by mail.