Best Hiking Spots Around the Lakes Of The Valais

Aug 2, 2019 | Hiking

Summertime in the Canton of Valais offers plenty to its visitors. With 250 kilometers of hiking trails, the Valais is a great destination for a hiking holiday. Here are some of the best trails to take that will guarantee spectacular views of the Canton’s lakes.

Lake Tanay

Located at an altitude of 1,500 meters, Lake Tanay is a magnificent place that is ideal for a family hike. Surrounded by fields of flowers, fragrant fir trees, and small chalets, the deep blue waters of the lake are well-known as a habitat for a variety of amphibians.

The road leading to Lake Tanay is closed to private vehicles. However, the route begins at the village of Miex and ascends through the forest and towards the high pastures of Prélagine. The route continues along the lake’s northern shore to the summer hamlet of Tanay, which consists of some bars and restaurants.

The route leaves the lake along its southern shore and towards the low Col de Tanay, to the forested slopes overlooking the Rhone Valley, and back down to Miex.

Lake Tseuzier

Hiking to and around Lake Tseuzier is a wonderful experience. The lake can be reached on foot via the Ayent Bisse Trail from the village of Anzère. This will lead hikers through fragrant forests, alpine pastures, over majestic mountains, and into the Liene Valley. Hikers will also have a chance to see waterfalls by the trail, providing unforgettable memories and opportunities to take everlasting photos.

This trail partly follows the Bisse de Sion, a historical irrigation channel created from the rocks of the mountains. This trail then leads to the Rawyl Dam, where the beautiful Lake Tseuzier is situated. A good stopping point for food and drink is the Restaurant du barrage de Tseuzier, which allows individuals to relax and enjoy the view on the large sunny terrace.

Lake Salanfe

The hike to Lake Salanfe is quite popular with locals and tourists as it offers numerous photo opportunities and magnificent views of the Alps. Such views are mirrored on the lake’s glistening surface. The shortest route to reach this place is from Van d’en Haut, a hamlet situated just above the village of Salvan.

From Van d’en Haut, the trails cuts through wild alpine landscapes and up towards an abandoned gold mine. From the mine, the trail leads back downhill and completes its loop of the lake before descending back towards Van d’en Haut and the starting point.

Lake Moiry

Deep in the beautiful Anniviers Valley lies Lake Moiry and its turquoise-colored waters. The start and end points of hiking trail is the crest of the Moiry Dam near the village of Grimentz. From the dam, the path zigzags up the steep slopes, southwards along the mountain flanks, and towards the high pastures of Fêta d’Août de Châteaupré.

The route then passes around Lake Moiry, through a majestic alpine landscape, and towards three hydroelectric power stations, which are open to visitors. The lake also marks the starting point for wonderful hikes towards the Moiry or Becs de Bosson huts. On the way back, stop at a little restaurant called Chez Clem’s & Fab’s, which has a large sunny terrace that overlooks the lake.