Are Men And Women Equal In Switzerland?

Dec 28, 2018 | ThinkTanks | 0 comments

Gender equality is one of the hottest topics discussed in the world. Hence, every year the World Economic Forum presents Global Gender Gap Report 2018, which aims to reflect the differences between men and women on health, economics, politics and education in 149 countries.

Iceland obtained the first place after measuring the following criteria:

  • the estimation of economic participation and opportunity
  • educational attainment
  • health and survival
  • political empowerment

Iceland remains the leader of the ranking for 10th year. The country closes more than 87% of its overall gender gap and remains the top performer on Political Empowerment. The other leaders are the Scandinavians: Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Taking into account all these 4 criteria, Switzerland was ranked as 20th (21st year before).

On the matter of economic participation and opportunity, it holds 34st position. Due to educational attainment the country was estimated as of 80th one. On Health and survival, Switzerland was placed at 108th position and due to political empowerment – on 29th.

US holds 51st place in Global Gender Gap ranking, Russia – 75th one. The last (149th) place was given to Yemen. WEF experts also reported about significant difference in men and women earnings and mentioned that this economic gap possibly will not be closed within 217 years.