All Kinds Of Homemade Dishes From Asia And Africa At World Culinary Tour

Oct 10, 2018 | Entrepreneurship, Geneva | 0 comments

Nik’s Fudo, an ambitious culinary startup based on the Uber concept of connecting home cooks with authentic food lovers. Initially conceived in 2017 by Indian Nikhil (“Nik”) in Geneva as a marketplace for chefs to share homemade dishes, it has now launched and evolved to include a user-friendly Mobile App.

On the 12th October at 19:00, Nik invites you to his promotional event World Culinary Tour organized by Nik’s Fudo with promotion by Jaumesse. It will be held at Impact Hub Geneva (1 Rue de Fendt, 1201 Geneva).  To the participants of the event, they will offer a great variety of dishes from Cameroon, Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South India, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and Thailand.

Nik’s Fudo is based on the concept that you can choose any cuisine you want and get the dishes you order wherever in Geneva they want.

Photo: @Nik’s Fudo