A Swiss Figure Skating Champion Shares Tips to Stay Motivated

May 21, 2020 | Sport, Vaud

To be perfect in figure skating an athlete should work a lot staying strong, positive and self-motivated. We had a talk with Kimmy Repond, a 4-time Junior Swiss Champion about her career and trainings during the COVID19 period.

SUISSEPIC: When did you start figure skating?

Kimmy Repond: At 4 ½  years old.

SUISSEPIC: Do you remember your first competition?

Kimmy: Yes, it was a national competition when I was 5 years old. I was very happy to participate, even if I could not jump all single jumps. I always wanted to compete in a competition!

SUISSEPIC: What has been the most memorable competition for you?

Kimmy: Probably The Junior Swiss National Competition this year. It was very important for me. 

Photo: Kimmy Repond

SUISSEPIC: Where did you perform abroad?
In many different countries. Most of them where in Europe. For example: Paris, Zagreb, Budapest , Italy, Obersdorf …etc.

SUISSEPIC: How many hours do you train everyday? 

Kimmy: I usually train 2.5  hours a day on the ice, and 2 hours off the ice.

SUISSEPIC: How is it going durind COVID19 period?

Kimmy: I spend time with my little sister Sidorine. We train about 1.5 h in the morning and another 1.5 h I train with Jéromie and Caline. We do fitness, stratching and dance. I also try tribke jumps with my new rollerblades.

SUISSEPIC: What are the most interesting, difficult, and exciting aspects about figure skating?

Kimmy: I really love the variety of elements. You can do so many different things in figure skating. Spins, jumps, skating, interpretating the music, shows etc. I probably love the jumps the most. 😊

SUISSEPIC: What activities do you like outside of figure skating? 

Kimmy: I really like modelling, cooking, drawing and I often play with my little sister.

Photo: Kimmy Repond

What is your favorite city in Switzerland?

Kimmy: I love Lausanne! I am very often there and I really enjoy it because of the lake, because of the language and people, because a part of my family lifes there…. But Switzerland itself is an incredibly beautiful place, everywhere you go!

SUISSEPIC: What is your sports dream? 

Kimmy: My dream is to land the triple Axel one day and to participate in the (junior) grand prix final.

SUISSEPIC: How are you staying motivated during COVID19 period?

Kimmy: I am focused on my trainings and school. I learned a lot. I always try new things – now develop my TikTok and Instagram accounts. I write about skating, travels and cooking. And I changed the color of my room from pink to velvet.

Any talented friends?
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