A Lady-Chef From Vietnam Announced Masks Donation in Geneva

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Trang is a Vietnamese lady chef of Pho Bep Oi, a Vietnamese homemade food startup in Geneva. Coming from Asia she got used to protect her health wearing masks everyday to avoid pollution and dust. The speed of coronavirus spread in Europe could not make her feel indifferent. 

So, Trang started charity masks distribution in Geneva for those who are in need.

“In Vietnam, we like to donate what people need. I want to do the same here. I ordered 1000 masks from Vietnam. They are washable, made in comfortable anti-bacterial cotton and have 3 layers. I distribute them among our families, friends, clients. But 700 I want to donate to old people who are in need in Geneva.”

This gentle lady is sure that masks help people in Vietnam protect themselves against Covid 19, as there are still no deaths registered.

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Photo: Trang Lastella