A Few Words About Swiss Music Culture

Jun 23, 2019 | Interviews, Music | 0 comments

Jackie is a musician and a playwright, a sculptor and a filmmaker. She started to play at the age of 22 and holds around 50 concerts a year. Now she is preparing a release of her LP with the Jackets, Bern-based punk band. Hence, we had a talk on Swiss music culture.

SUISSEPIC: When did you start playing?

Jackie: I started playing and singing in bands when I was 22. 

SUISSEPIC: How do you call your style?

Jackie: The basis is art rock, the energy is punk and the soul is psychedelic.

SUISSEPIC: Tell a little about your tour?

Jackie: With The Jackets we just released a 4th album and played 6 shows in Switzerland and 4 in Spain and did several radio interviews. It all went very well and we met a lot of old and new friends.

Photo: Jackie 

SUISSEPIC: It is often said that Switzerland is not the country to perform music. What do you think about musical culture here on the whole? 

Jackie: Switzerland has a huge independent music culture. It is a great place to play for foreign bands concerning how you they are treated as a band – you get dinner, you get paid ok, promotion and a place to stay (compared to other countries). There is also a nice concert venue in almost every bigger town.

On the other hand, I think Swiss bands do not get enough support from their own country that they could have. People don not expect a Swiss band to be as good as foreign bands. So, they do not get a good slot at any Open-air’s or big events.

With the Jackets we are more known outside of Switzerland than here. In Switzerland, people often are surprised when we say that we are from here. It is maybe because of the language or a lack of confidence. Of course, abroad there is a much wider Rock music audience for us as well but we like to play in Switzerland as well.

Photo: Jackie 

SUISSEPIC: How many concerts do you hold annually? Where?

Jackie: I play around 50 shows a year, mainly in Europe and since two years also in North America. 

SUISSEPIC: Do you remember any special concert where you performed? If yes, why?

Jackie: Once we played in a museum at Kunsthalle Bern in front of paintings and art. I always like to play unusual places and in front of a new audiences that maybe wouldn’t go see a rock concert. It was very good.

SUISSEPIC: What inspires you as musician?

Jackie: Other bands, a feeling, a melody.

SUISSEPIC: What are your favorite Swiss cities?

Jackie: Basel has a vibrant subculture. It keeps its traditions being cosmopolitan and innovative.

SUISSEPIC: Which ones do you consider the best to perform music inSwitzerland?

Jackie: For me they are Bern and Basel.

About the Jackets
The group is called The Jackets, they’re a garage punk band from Bern Switzerland who’ve been around since 2007. They’ve toured all over Europe, the UK,  and recently begun touring the United States due to invites from The Woggles, The Loons, and The Darts. The group is made of three people: Jackie Brutsche (guitars/vox) – a playwright and artist from Zurich, Chris Rosales (drums) – an expat from Southern California whose lived in Switzerland for 25 + years now, he and Jackie formed the band, and Sam Schmidiger (bass).