Six Wineries in the Canton of Vaud You Have to Visit in 2019

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The Canton of Vaud is the second largest wine producing canton in Switzerland. It is a home to more than 450 wine makers (vignerons in French), and almost 4,000 hectares of vineyards that extend from Geneva to Montreux. This canton also attracts individuals that combine their love of hiking with a perfect glass of Chasselas in Epesses.

The canton is split into 4 wine-producing areas: La Côte, Chablais, Côtes de l’Orbe, and Lavaux. The La Côte region stretches along Lake Geneva’s western basin between Morges and Nyon. The Chablais region is located along the eastern bank of the Rhône River between Villeneuve and Bex. The northern part of the Vaud brings together the terms of origin of Bonvillars, Côtes de l’Orbe, and Vully along the banks of Lake Neuchâtel.

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The Lavaux region extends from Lausanne to Vevey-Montreux. Because this particular area has breathtaking views of Lake Geneva, this makes Lavaux a great place for hiking. This area is also known for its terrace vineyards, which have been protected by the UNESCO since 2007, making vignerons extremely proud to call this part of the Vaud their home.

Here are six well-known wineries from the Vaud.

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Massy Vins

Route de la Corniche 11, 1098 Bourg-en-Lavaux

Massy Vins is located in the village of Epesses, which is located in the Lavaux region. The history of Massy’s wine production began near the end of the 19th century when Sir Albert planted the first vineyards. Today, Luc Massy and his sons Gregory and Benjamin offer a number of fantastic Grand Crus planted in the famous Dezaley area. The mansion of Clos du Boux was built in 1649 by Bernese noblemen and overlooks Epesses, a landmark in the Canton of Vaud.

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Domaine du Daley

Chemin des Moines 8, Lutry

Founded in 1392, Domaine du Daley is the oldest commercial entity in Switzerland. This winery is located in the heart of the terraced vineyard of Lavaux, a UNESCO world heritage site. Currently, this family business is managed by third-generation family owner Cyril Séverin. This ancient property offers one of the greatest views of the steep vineyards of Lavaux and Lake Geneva. Domaine du Daley also offers an incredible selection of red and white wines of great finesse. All the wines are made from grapes grown on their own property and are matured and bottled at the estate.

Badoux Vins

Route d’Ollon 8, Aigle

Badoux Vins was established on the eastern side of Lake Geneva in Aigle by Henri Badoux in 1908. While this winery makes a wide range of Swiss wines from grapes grown in and around Aigle, Badoux Vins built its reputation upon the famous Aigle les Murailles. The Aigle les Murailles, which is one of the most famous wines in Switzerland, has also gained international acclaim as one of the top red wines. Today, Badoux Vins is part of the Schenk Wine Group.

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Domaine Louis Bovard

Place d’Armes 2, 1096 Bourg-en-Lavaux

One of the most renowned Lavaux wineries is Domaine Louis Bovard, a family winery located in the tiny town of Cully that has been producing wine since the 17th century. While the majority of wine produced at this traditional winery is white (85%), Domaine Louis Bovard also produces a nice selection of red wines (15%) for individuals to enjoy. The premium wines include Chasselas white wines such as La Médinette, L’Archevesque, and Terre à Boire. This winery produces about 250,000 to 300,000 bottles of wine every year.

Domaine La Colombe

Route du Monastère 1, 1173 Féchy

Raymond Paccot runs a tiny winery known as Domaine La Colombe. Located along the northwest shore of Lake Geneva between Lausanne and Geneva, Domaine La Colombe is one of the first Swiss wineries to adopt biodynamic viticulture. This small family winery has also gained a big reputation for cultivating different grapes, including as Chasselas, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Garanoir, and Gamaret. This has given this winery quite an extensive range of red and white wines. All of the wines are recommended, especially their famous Vigne en Bayel, Pinot Gris, and La Colombe Rouge.

Photo: Maria Talanova / @suissepic

Domaine La Capitaine

En Marcins 2-4, 1196 Gland VD

Domaine La Capitaine is situated in Begnins, a lovely small wine making village located between Lausanne and Geneva. This family business is managed by Reynald Parmelin, a three-time winner of Switzerland’s Best Organic Wine award. Since 1994, this winery has been making bio wine, and is the first certified bio vineyard in Vaud. This winery is also a member of Terravin, the quality label for Vaud wines.