Five Magical Places Of Power In Switzerland

Oct 3, 2018 | Bern, Neuchâtel | 0 comments

Do you believe in the power of a certain place? We do. A “place of power” is a corner of the world with a unique energy, and probably a magical meaning. People say that they go to such places to live healthier or to find a solution to a difficult situation. We found the top 5 places in Switzerland.

Muri Abbey (Kloster Muri)

Muri, Canton of Aargau

This 1000-year-old Benedictine monastery is a mysterious place in the Canton of Aargau. Founded in 1027, the Muri Abbey has an octagonal foundation, which reflects a huge faith in the power of the number 8. This number is known as a symbol of the new paradise. In the 17th century, Muri was supplemented by a church with two unusual sharp spires.

The Muri Abbey has also been a special burial place for members of the House of Habsburg, as well as the hearts of Emperor Charles I of Austria and Empress Zita of Bourbon-Parma, the last Imperial couple of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Come see the abbey, listen to the music from 5 fantastic organs, and have a walk around the fountains and gardens.

Photo: @kurtmeier61


Einigen, Canton of Bern

This little church, otherwise known as the “1,000-year-old church on Lake Thun”, should not be missed while travelling around the Canton of Bern. This building was first mentioned in 1228, when the village was inhabited by the Celts. Since 1528 (Reformation), this church belongs to the Evangelical Reformed State Church of the Canton of Bern. Through the ages, the condition of the church has remained relatively the same.

People believe that the holy walls are located directly above a powerful water dwelling that is connected with Lake Thun. Underground currents have formed a field of static electricity as a result of the Earth’s rock having constant contact with water. There is also the belief that the electromagnetic radiation that is felt in the church affects the state of health.


Val-de-Travers Valley

Canton of Neuchâtel

If you want to feel nature’s energy, head to the Creux du Van. This unique rocky amphitheater, which starts and ends in the municipality of Noiraigue, surrounds a valley about 1 kilometer in width and about 4 kilometers in length. This natural amphitheater creates a unique flow of oxygen and colors.

The second main attraction of the valley, which stretches to the French border, is the asphalt mines. From 1711 to 1986, an underground labyrinth stretching for 100 kilometers appeared in this area. Now, only 1 kilometer is open to visitors. At the exit, you will be offered a local treat – a ham cooked in asphalt.

One last interesting factoid about the Val-de-Travers Valley is that it is considered the birthplace of absinthe.

Photo: @lizzyfish7


Canton of Fribourg

Grandvillard, a municipality in the district of Gruyère, is well-known as a mystical place. Locals say that every night, someone lights a fire inside the ancient church. The village legend tells that it is the spirit of a priest who promised a widow to serve the Mass for her deceased husband.

Having fulfilled his promise, the pastor died before he could enter the facts of the mass in the official register. Since then, the priest is doomed to appear regularly in the church of La Daudaz, and hopes that one of the living will help him celebrate the Mass once more and register it in the church book.

The Moléson, a mountain of the Swiss Prealps, is an attraction that overlooks the region of Gruyère in the Canton of Fribourg. Why people come here? The answer is simple – to enjoy the universal spirit of the alpine meadows from the funicular cabins, to enjoy a bobsleigh ride, and to see the production of Swiss cheese and chocolate.

Photo: Maria Talanova / suissepic

Jaun Waterfall

Canton of Fribourg

The Jaun Waterfall is a natural miracle located near the municipality of Jaun. For many years, nobody knew the source of the water (up to 6,000 liters of water per second flows down the waterfall in the month of June). In 1928, an experiment was performed, in which dye was added to the water stream about 15 km away from the waterfall. 11 days, the dye appeared at the waterfall.

People say that the waterfall and the old church that is located in the area create a great energy field. The best way to feel this unique energy is if one stands in front of the fence near the waterfall and takes slow, deep breaths of the fluid, crystalline “light”. Bovis values, which are a measure of life force or cosmic energy in a person, place, object, or idea, reach 13,500 units every time one takes a breath at this location.

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