Musicians from Geneva Record a Song about Cultural Diversity

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Genevans are proud and well known for their international spirit. Three young musicians decided to share their love for the city by recording a special composition named “Geneva”. SUISSEPIC was given some of the details.

The musicians are Geni Deli, Stefano Polastri, and Jaumesse. These three musicians originate from different places, but now reside in Switzerland. They are united by the idea of Geneva’s cultural diversity, and have decided to celebrate that diversity in song. The main goal of their project is to remind people how important it is to learn from each other.

The musicians decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign to unite Swiss society around the idea of a cultural and language exchange. More information is available at WEMAKEIT

The amount required for their campaign is CHF 3,000, which will be split between the recording studio and the filming and editing of the video. Half of the money raised will be donated to an organization’s course called “On va parler ensemble”. This organization is based in Geneva, and provides supports to newcomers as they integrate themselves into Geneva’s city life. The organization also focuses on helping newcomers learn French with the international groups.

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