Traffic rules in Switzerland

Every country has their own written or unwritten rules on the road. So does Switzerland. Learn about the rules, driving licenses, parking, speed limits, traffic offences, and road regulations in Switzerland.

Popular Theaters in Zurich

From classical opera to contemporary stage shows, here are five theaters to discover in Zurich.

Hackers To Test Swiss Future E-voting System

The tests will be held on February 25 and March 2. The rewards for successful attacks follow.

SWISS To Offer Cheese Fondue On Board Of Its Flights From Geneva

Starting from the 1st December SWISS will offer its passengers to try cheese fondue on board of its European flights from Geneva.

Villa Vals: 5* Recreation Under an Alpine Slope

Got tired of city-noise and look forward to have a new experience? Condiser a weekend of staying in the heat of Swiss Alps… under ground.

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Car Rentals and Transfers in Geneva
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Personal stories of entrepreneurs & Fempreneurs, Swiss startups and brands

Travelling to Switzerland? Have a look at our recommendations on places, hotels, restaurants and car rentals 

Looking for a restaurant to visit in Switzerland? Bistrots, Cafes in Geneva, Zurich, Basel, Lucerne

Five Italian restaurants in Geneva to visit

Having more than 40% of population as newcomers and diplomatic servants, Geneva hosts dozens of authentic restaurants. We already had a look at Latin American, Chinese and vegan ones. Today we will guide you through must-visit Italian places.

Popular Chinese restaurants in Geneva

There are plenty of Chinese restaurants in Geneva. Enjoy little China at your table trying noodles or dumplings, authentic Peking duck or stir frying.

Ola! Latin American restaurants in Zurich

Zurich has plenty of Latin American restaurants. Try sizzling fajitas, burritos, tacos and enchiladas, to paella, ceviche, and buffalo wings.

Where to try Latin American Cuisines in Geneva

Are you looking to enjoy a great steak, discover the taste of real guacamole,  or enjoy authentic tapas or arepas in Geneva?

Vevey: Molecular Cuisine beside Geneva Lake

Hidden in a picturesque park of Vevey one-step from Geneva Lake Denis Martin’s haut-cuisine workshop was awarded with a Michelin star for high quality molecular cuisine. Over 47 years of his career, he openly declares freedom of expressing emotions in the process of creating unique meals.

Happy stomach – productive day. Where to have business lunch in Geneva

International Geneva is often called a gastronomic capital of Switzerland. With over than 1,000 restaurants the city offers great variety of world’s cuisines from authentic French to exotic Asian one. SUISSEPIC had a talk with the locals and discovered where they prefer to eat during the day-time.

Where to Eat the best ‘Michelin starred’ Food in Switzerland

Once you say ‘Switzerland’ you probably refer to quality and luxury, while speaking about posh food we definitely mean ‘Michelin’. Despite the fact that 8M alpine country is not well known as a gourmet place it has 118 Michelin starred restaurants. SUISSEPIC discovered some information about that.

One Lunch At the UN

Everyday more than 1,000 officials, civil servants, interpreters and also students walk along long corridors and meet inside majestic halls of the UN building in Geneva. They look through the windows at the Saleve mount and enjoy the panorama of Lac Leman. What they have for lunch. Suissepic discovered.

Vegetarian organizations in Switzerland

Discover Vegetarian organizations and animal protecting associations in Switzerland.

Vegetarian restaurants in Zurich

Zürich, the largest city in Switzerland, is a great place to explore for foodies. This city is especially fun for those who prefer to eat healthy and green. Top 5 vegan reastaurants in Zürich.

Vegan Trends in Switzerland

Going vegan is said to be one of the biggest food trends in 2018. Switzerland is home to more than 540 vegan restaurants, cafes, and bistros.

Vegetarian and Vegan Food in Basel and Luсerne

Discover German-speaking “green” part of Switzerland. Have a look at our guide of vegan/ vegetarian bars and restaurants in Basel and Lucerne.

Eat Green & Clean: Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurants in Geneva

Veganism is becoming more and more popular. There are approximately 50 to100 users a day in Switzerland that are searching for something that relates to the words “vegan” or “vegetarian”. SUISSEPIC had a look where to “eat green” in Geneva.

Eat Clean & Green: Vegetarian Restaurants in Bern and Zürich

Almost 30% of people living in Switzerland are vegetarians and vegans and going “green” in food consumption is said to be one of the biggest food trends in 2018. Switzerland is home to more than 540 vegan restaurants, cafes, and bistros. SUISSEPIC had a look at them.

Swiss artists: painters, musicians, singers

Famous Swiss Painters

Famous Swiss Painters

Switzerland has been home to several talented artists. Today, their paintings hang in museums and private collections around the world.