Vegetarian and vegan restaurants are on the rise, and they are becoming more prevalent and creative by the day. Times have changed from about 15 years ago, where finding a good restaurant that served vegetarian/vegan dishes was problematic for vegetarians and vegans. Today, there are several vegetarian and vegan spots that are perfect for eating out, with a wide array of exciting options for those on a meat- and fish-free diet. Vegetarian dishes are found on almost every menu in Swiss restaurants, which offer a wide selection of local, seasonal, organic dishes composed of fresh vegetables, uncommon groats, and herbs. We’ve brought together the best vegetarian and vegan spots to help you discover and choose delicious dining options in Basel and Luzern.


Feldbergstrasse 60, Basel

Vegiman is the best vegetarian fast food restaurant in Basel. This wonderful place offers the most delicious vegan burgers in the city. All burgers can be ordered with a seitan or lentil patty, and all the trimmings such as teriyaki, avocado, and tofu bacon. The salads are tasty, the fries are amazing, and the desserts, such as their lemon thyme cake, are fantastically rich. The wonderful ambiance, attentive staff, and exceptional service can also be found here. This a nice place to rest after a long walk around Basel.

Rheingasse 13, Basel

Acero is located along the Rhine River. This makes it a great place for a quick lunch during the day, or a quick bite with your fellow vegan buddies. Dishes ranging from the vegan mezze teller, taboule, hummus, soups, salads, to waffles, ice-cream, vegan cookies, and fruit sorbets provides you the option to satisfy your cravings in a healthy way. Fast service, friendly staff, attractive prices, and a cozy atmosphere are some of the things that clients agree upon at this wonderful establishment.

Klybeckstrasse 62, Basel

Fresh, delicious, and natural are the characteristics that define the Turkish fast food restaurant Vegitat. On the menu, you can select a seitan doner and a wrap with cig kofte, a paste made of bulgur, tomato, pepper, onion, herbs and spices here. You can try one of their mouthwatering pies, as well as pancakes stuffed with nuts and mushrooms at this restaurant. The vegetarian cuisine is perfect here, at democratic prices that make the experience more enjoyable.


Crazy CupCake Café
Bruchstrasse 47, Lucerne

This small, cozy café, which is located near the Historical Museum in Luzern, is welcoming site for those with a sweet tooth. This vegan café offers an assortment of tasty cupcakes, cheesecakes, ice cream, cookies, pizzas, pastries, and more. All of their vegan desserts are organic and taste divine. You can also try delicious coffee and tea here. Enjoy a wide array of lovely desserts, perfect service, and the charming ambiance at this delightful café.

Maihofstrasse 57, Lucerne

If you only like to eat natural, healthy, tasty, organic food, then check out Peacefood.Bio! This all-vegan restaurant is gluten- and sugar-free, and serves a wide range of fresh and delectable dishes made only with raw oils. You will not have a problem finding what you want: main dishes, sweets, ice-cream, and sandwiches. For lunch, try one of their vegan soups or salads. The warm and charming atmosphere of this place makes customers feel relaxed and enjoy their time.

Karls Kraut
St. KarliQuai 7, Luzern

After walking across the Spreuer Bridge, visit Karls Kraut. This vegetarian restaurant has a seasonal menu that is truly amazing. Visitors can try tasty salads, sandwiches, panini, burgers, soups, as well as delicious smoothies, fresh juices, and coffee. All the dishes are offered at attractive prices. Karls Kraut is notable for its pleasant atmosphere, friendly staff, and cool service.

Illustrations Vegiman, Peacefood.BIO

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