Shopping guide in Zurich

With over a 1m of citizens agglomeration Zürich is the biggest city in Switzerland. It is also a commercial and financial heart of the country. SUISSEPIC explored streets, shops, traditional markets and luxury designer boutiques.

In Zürich you can choose and buy traditional Swiss souveniers and goods. Among them there are chees & chocolate, watches, leather goods, shoes and clothes. As for the last ones, Zürich is often called a capital of Swiss fashion, as many authentic clothing brands come from here.


Brands from Zurich

  • Yvy, a leather brand, was founded by a designer Yvonne Reichmuth. Its handcrafted things are very well known even among celebrities such as Monica Belucci and Kristen Stewart.
  • VIU, an eyewear brand, based in Zürich, was founded by 5 entrepreneurs. The eyewears are currently designed in Switzerland and produced in Dolomite area, combining Swiss design and Italian know-how.
  • De Sede, known as a furniture designer, now also runs a handbag production brand.
  • Marc Stone, a men’s clothing brand, founded in Zürich, became a global name for his looks inspired by contemporary and modern art.
  • Tooché Zürich, a women’s fashion brand, founded by Genevieve Monnet, offers a great diversity of clothes for ladies from vintage to classic ones.


Shopping Streets in Zurich

Shopping mecca is located at Bahnhofstrasse, which connects Zürich’s Train Station with the Lake. The most famous designer boutiques such as Tiffany, Burberry, Chanel, Bvlgari, Apple, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Giorgio Armani, Hermes, Dior are located here. There you will find a great number of mass-market clothing, jewelry and accessories shops.

Looking for luxury? Go to Niederdorf street. This pedestrian area runs across Limmat river and is full of small boutiques, antique, coffee shops, bars and restaurants. Several historical stores here sell spices and other national specials.

Lowenstrasse, Limmatquai, Rennweg and Alprausch streets offer a variety of women and men’s outfit. It’s a good option for budget shopping.

Shopping Malls in Zurich

There are several large malls in Zürich and outside the city. The biggest one is Einkaufszentrum Glatt, located in the East (Neue Winterthurerstrasse 99, 8304 Wallisellen). Popular European designers’ clothes, restaurants and cafes are available here for all types of fashion victims.

Letzipark (Baslerstrasse, 50) and Sihlcity (Kalanderpl.1) offer clothing and shoe brands, restaurants and cinemas. Popular Shop-Ville HB located right behind the railway station. This big shopping complex has over 130 shops and 38 restaurants which are open 365 days a year.

Zürich’s outlets are Fashion Fish in Schenenwerd/Aarau and Landquart Fashion Outlet in Landquart/Graubunden.

Globus, Manor with their high quality food and things, are located at Bahnhofstrasse.


Markets in Zurich

Fresh fruits and vegetables, flowers and various local specialties can be found at street markets. Fruit & Veg Market Oerlikon, Fruit & Veg Market Burkliplatz and Fruit & Veg Market Helvetiaplatz offer a lot of organic products. They are coming from Swiss, Italian, German, French farmers. There are a number of cafés and restaurants where you can sit and drink a cup of coffee enjoying the special market atmosphere.

The Swiss biggest year-round flea market is Flea Market Kanzlei. There can be found second-hand paintings, furniture, jewellery, bicycles, rarities and antiques. Another one is Burkliplatz Flea Market. It’s an excellent place for arts and crafts lovers to find something special.

If you are a foreigner, while doing shopping in Zurich don’t forget about Swiss tax-Free policy.

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