Your Swiss Tour

Not boring! Discover life in the cities of Switzerland. Travel with local guides

Discover Zürich

Zürich is a financial heart of Switzerland. Discover 10 years of history and favorite places of Mozart, Napoleon, Goethe and Casanova. A guided tour around the Old and the new parts of Zürich. From Lindenhof and Grossmünster to Bahnhofstrasse. A 24-hour ticket for Zürich’s transport network as a plus. Local guide.

Romantic Geneva

Geneva is the place where a heart looks for peace and eternity. A lot of celebrities and famous people chose it as the place of living. Among them Phil Collins, Alain Delone, Fyodor Dostoevsky. Geneva is a very green city. A great number of parks turn it into a paradise garden. The lake Leman is one of the most romantic places.

Olympic Lausanne

Lausanne is a Swiss capital of world sport. It hosts  55 sporting organisations including the International Olympic Committee. Lausanne is the only city with a metro system opened in 1991. In 2020 Lausanne will host the 2020 Winter Youth Olympics.

Vevey, Montreux

Swiss Riviera of Vevey-Montreux inspired many artists and musicians to create. It was here that Deep Purple recorded their Smoke on the water and Queen created their last hits. Stravinsky and Nabokov used to have walks along the Lake Leman on the famous promenade.

By Topic

Magical wineries

Authentic! Switzerland is famous very little as a wine producing country. Only 1% of Swiss wines is exported. However traditions of its manufactiring date back to the Roman empire. Discover family wine production in Switzerland. Enjoy exclusive taste!

Incredible Glaciers

Take an adventure to see the white tops of the Swiss alps. Switzerland counts 48 peaks above 4,000 meters, and above 1,800 glaciers. 

Mysterious Castles

There are over 600 castles located in Switzerland. You can find them in almost every city or village. Most of them are listed by Swiss Heritage Sites of National Significance. 

Cheese Experience

Switzerland produces cheese since the 13th century. Today more than 450 varieties of cheese are produced by 1,500 factories. Discover the traditions of cheesemaking in Switzerland.