Top Horseback Riding Schools in Geneva

Horse riding is a very popular hobby in Switzerland. Geneva is home to Europe’s largest equestrian event, the Geneva International Horse Show and Jumping Competition. The city is surrounded by several locations to take horseriding and equestrian classes. Have a look at SUISSEPIC’s list of recommendations and enjoy an active day on horseback as you trek along ancient pack trails.

Manège d’Onex

Chemin des Laz 16, 1213 Onex

Manège d’Onex is an equestrian school and horse riding center located in Onex, three kilometers from the center of Geneva. This equestrian school offers horse riding classes for all ages, from beginners to professionals. This center has an indoor venue, a sandy riding surface, a jumping paddock, and other facilities to practice and improve your horse riding skills. Specialty courses are regularly organized throughout the year to prepare horsemen for their exams, which are held by the Swiss Federation of Equestrian Sports.

Manège de Vandoeuvres

Route de Choulex 41, 1253 Vandœuvres

Situated just outside the beautiful municipality of Vandoeuvres, this riding school provides horse riding lessons and dressage for all individuals, from beginners to advanced riders. Apart from classes, this school also offers horse riding excursions with an optional picnic and guided tour. Lessons range from private, semi-private where two or three people take part in the same lesson, or group lessons. A professional and friendly guide will accompany you on your ride, and cater to your exact needs.


Manège de Meyrin

Rue de la Campagne-Charnaux 7, 1217 Meyrin

This school is located in the beautiful countryside of Meyrin. It has a variety of classes for beginners and advanced riders, such as children’s rides, pony rides, jumping and dressage lessons, hacks, riding techniques, and horse training. This equestrian school provides stables, dressage, saddlery, livery, and other equine facilities, accompanied by qualified and knowledgeable instructors. Horse riding lessons here are a great experience outside Geneva.

Ranch Blackyland

Chemin des Murailles 22, 1233 Bernex

The Ranch Blackyland is a horse riding school suitable for riders of all abilities, from first time riders to fanatical horse enthusiasts. Visitors to this equestrian center have the option of free-range horse riding or guided horse riding. This wonderful school at the Rising Sun Ranch is the place for riders to experience and enjoy the best horse riding lessons in a fun, safe environment at exceptional equestrian facilities. This school offers lessons in dressage, stadium jumping, and cross-country. They also can tailor a program, specifically for horses and riders to achieve specific goals.

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Top Horseback Riding Schools in Geneva

Geneva is home to Europe’s largest equestrian event, the Geneva International Horse Show and Jumping Competition. Discover where to take horseriding and equestrian classes close to Geneva.

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