Switzerland is ranked as one of the top 5 countries with an attractive investment environment and a developed digital infrastructure. New businesses have emerged in the microbiological, pharmaceutical, financial, and corporate cultural technologies.

At the 2017 TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award, the award recipients were focused on health technologies (biotechnology (22) and medical technology (10)) and the various digital solutions for comfort management (software (20), mobile (18), and the Internet). The majority of the startups were established in the Cantons of Zurich (44) and Vaud (26), which are close to the main tech universities of Switzerland – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH) and École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). Basel (9) and Geneva (5) are also two cities where startups have established themselves and become part of the community. SUISSEPIC had a look at the top 10 most promising startups.


Located in Zurich. Founded in 2014

Ava is a digital health company that has developed a natural and reliable piece of technology that helps couples to conceive a child. An elegant bracelet, which is worn at night, is connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone app. Various parameters are measured that allow women to accurately predict fertile days. With this technology, women are able conceive within a short period of time. Data security and anonymity are secured thanks to a powerful backend.

2. L.E.S.S. SA

Located in Ecublens (Vaud). Founded in 2012

L.E.S.S. SA (“Light Efficient SystemS”) has proven itself as a serious alternative to today’s LEDs by delivering ultra-thin, -bright, and -uniform lighting systems to their customers. These key assets, offered by its unique fiber technology, allow L.E.S.S. to enter the industrial vision and display backlighting markets.

3. Flyability SA

Located in Lausanne (Vaud) / Founded in 2014

Flyability is developing the Gimball, a game-changing drone that can be flown indoors and even through complex environments. This drone can remain stable after colliding with obstacles or objects, allowing this drone to be utilized in areas where no drone has gone before. Furthermore, this drone is safe to fly near humans.

4. bexio AG

Located in Rapperswil (Zurich). Founded in 2013
bexio develops and sells accounting software for small and medium companies. In June 2014, the Rapperswil-based startup linked up with UBS as a strategic partner. For clients of bexio, this means that their accounting data can be automatically streamlined with the bank’s account information and transactions.

5. MindMaze SA

Located in Ecublens (Vaud). Founded in 2012

MindMaze combines immersive virtual reality, brain imaging, and 3D technology in real time to develop novel platforms for Neurorehabilitation, Game Training, and 3D Imaging. This neurotechnology enables tailored interfaces that match the user’s abilities across different applications.

6. Gamaya SA

Located in Lausanne (Vaud). Founded in 2015

Within the next 50 years, agriculture will have to produce the same amount of food as compared to the last 10,000 years. In order to better prepare for this challenge in a sustainable way, new technologies are needed, such as the imagery and analysis system of Gamaya. This is how it works: A drone flies over a harvested field with a high definition camera. Software analyzes the data and provides targeted indications to farmers about the needs in terms of water, fertilizers, or chemicals.

7. BestMile SA

Located in Lausanne (Vaud). Founded in 2014

BestMile is an innovative start-up developing technology for urban mobility. A spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), BestMile provides a fleet management platform designed to operate and optimize any fleet of autonomous vehicles. BestMile’s cloud technology leverages the full potential of autonomous vehicles to tackle urban mobility challenges.

8. Beekeeper AG

Located in Zurich. Founded in 2012

Beekeeper is the leading mobile-first platform for simplifying and automating internal communication. Beekeeper helps out companies worldwide reach and communicate with blue-collar workers and employees “out in the field” in a simple, secure, and cost-effective manner. The mobile solution increases the efficiency and profitability of organizations, enhances employee engagement, and reduces turnover costs.

9. Lunaphore Technologies SA

Located in Lausanne (Vaud). Founded in 2014
Lunaphore Technologies has developed innovative platform for tumor analysis and classification, with the potential to be a disruptive alternative to classical immunohistochemistry.

10. Advanon AG

Located in Zurich. Founded in 2015

Advanon is an online platform that sells invoices for financing small- and medium-sized businesses. By selling invoices on the platform, companies can easily manage their cash flows in a quick and flexible way, allowing them to focus on their core business.

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