Thinking globally. Business in Switzerland

Holding its 33rd place (among 190 countries) in Doing Business ranking, Switzerland is one of the most attractive countries to start a global business. The tricky thing of that is that your company should be Swiss. After this condition is fulfilled, a “Swiss Made” brand will not be just a game of sounds anymore.

To have a representative office in Switzerland means:

  1. To be placed in the heart of Europe. Flights to the capitals of the EU are possible within an hour.
  2. To be in the center of world’s tech and biotech innovations.
  3. To get the access to the biggest European innovations hubs and highly qualified workforce (Zurich, Zug, Vaud, Geneva)
  4. To have a chance to get support on governmental and business level.

Before start, it is important to define a canton of presence. Conditions there vary according to taxation and the economic clusters. There are 6 big ones in Switzerland: Biotech, Medtech, Nanotech, IT and communications, Environment, Service and Administration. Canton decides if your business is really necessary.

Company should be registered of the Chamber of Commerce. The list can be found on the website of the Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Switzerland (SIHK).

Also cantons determine the procedure for issuing work permits and the amount of taxes. Hence, having a personal contact with the authorities of the cantons is an absolute plus. 

First Social Car Sharing in Switzerland

In 2012 Youness Felouati founded the first social car-sharing platform in Switzerland. Hence, gave the chance to people to rent their cars to neighbours.

Top 10 Startups from Zurich and Lausanne

Medtech, biotech, mechanics and financig. New technologies to define women’s fertile period and tumors, software to drive buses autonomously, new ways to create skin for patients and drones.

All Kinds Of Homemade Dishes From Asia and Africa at World Culinary Tour

Best dishes from Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, South India, Sri Lanka, Thailand are provided by Nik’s Fudo, an ambitious culinary startup based on Uber-concept connecting home cooks with authentic food lovers.

Electric Plane to Fly with People in Grenchen

In 2016 Rolf Stuber founded in Grenchen smartflyer AG, which is focused on developing a 4-seats hybrid-electric aircraft. It is expected that the first flight should follow by the end of 2020. The arcraft can reach the speed of 220km/h and fly up to 920km.

A Driverless Bus Transports People in the Сenter of Neuhausen

In March citizens of Neuhausen am Rheinfall faced a self-driving bus at the streets of their city. This autonomous vehicle operates at Route 12 between central Neuhausen and Industrieplatz. Since then it brought already 11,000 passengers to their destinations.