Hammetschwand Lift, the Tallest Openair Elevator in Europe

Swiss Lucerne is full of beauty and mystical corners. Once arriving here in spring-autumn period, discover 152m height Hammetschwand elevator. Stunning views for Swiss Alps from its open cabin will make you hold your breath. SUISSEPIC got some advice how to get there.

Hammetschwand elevator is the biggest one in Europe. This open-air wonder was built in the beginning of 20th century in Burgenstock area, a famous Swiss alpine resort. The project was first realized in 1905 by a Swiss hotelier and railway businessman Franz Josef Bucher. The lift was originally constructed for bringing tourists to the hotel in Burgenstock and it could take about 8 passengers. The way to the top with a speed 1m/sec might take 3 minutes.

The elevator was later upgraded in 1935. The improvements made it possible to transport people with a speed 3m/sec. At that moment it was the fastest lift in Europe.

Modern Hammetschwand elevator can carry up to 12 passengers up to the Peak of Burgenstock Mountain less than in minute. It was constructed from sturdy metal and glass and goes up the Mt. Burgenstock above the clouds.


From the observation deck on the summit of the Hammetschwand, you will enjoy panoramic views of the Lake Lucerne, Lucerne city and surrounding Swiss Alps. After finishing with pictures and selfies at the top relax at Restaurant & Pension Taverne 1879 that serves traditional Swiss food. After break, you can continue hiking around the rocky peninsula.

IMPORTANT: Hammetschwand elevator is closed in winter period and might be closed due to the weather conditions.

How to get to Hammetschwand Elevator

  • From Lucerne train station take a train to Stansstad. At the train station Stansstad take a bus 321 to Obbürgen. Your bus stop is Post. Or walk 55 minutes.
  • By boat from Lucerne to Kehrsiten-Burgenstock. Then walk due the signs (25 minutes).
  • By boat from Lucerne by a lake steamer to Stannstad. Then continue your route by bus 321.

Opening hours

The lift and restaurant are open from May-October.
Open hours are: 9h30 – 11h30 and 12h00 – 17h30


Ticket prices

  • Adult (return) CHF 13
  • Children (return) CHF 6.50
  • Dogs (return) CHF 5.00

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