The Best Alpine Valleys: a Day in Interlaken and Lauterbrunnen

SUISSEPIC encourages all types of creativity. Today we post a story of our friend Vidan, who had a hike around Interlaken, Mürren and Lauterbrunnen and was amazed by picturesque beauty of Switzerland.

If you like to travel, Switzerland is a great destination. There are a lot of beautiful cities around, Basel, Geneva, Zurich, Bern, Lausanne… But, Switzerland is not all about the cities. It’s almost every bit about the mountains, the famous Swiss Alps.

I was in Zurich for a few days and then decided to go to Interlaken. Previously I saw its beauty on the pictures in brochures and thought that could be a perfect idea during that trip to Switzerland.

I knew about Interlaken from a friend. He told me a story that the city reminded him Galicica (the Republic of Macedonia),  as it was and had a breathtaking nature around.


I had no doubts that it would worth it. As I have never been in Fribourg before, I bought a ticket from Zurich to Fribourg, just go get a glimpse of the city, have a cup of cafe and continue my journey to Interlaken.

Waiting for my train at the station I could not really realize how beautiful the place would be. When the train passed Lake Thun I could see breathtaking entrance to the city. Moving through the mountains, I was expecting the trip to last a bit longer. 


Finally we arrived to Interlaken, a touristic city which offers a lifetime experience. Everybody here makes you feel home. Meeting Intelaken in person was very different from seeing it at the pictures. The river Aare connecting the lakes of Thun and Brienz, was one of the first things I saw.

I was staying in the Central Continental, a nice place to accommodate with a friendly stuff and a great location (near to the train station). It was raining that day so I had to walk a little to the center to get some coffee and a dinner.

I decided to change my plan and go to the valley of Lauterbrunnen and get some more Swiss Alps with the famous Jungfraujoch. I was pretty sure that this would be amazing. It rained the whole night, so I was worried that the weather would not be good the next day.

I woke up early, opened the curtains and what a view I had: blue sky, sun, the river in front of me…  I could not ask for more.

What a morning! I went down to get some breakfast with that view. It was awesome.


I had a short walk, as it was sunny seeing a lot of people paragliding around the city of Interlaken. There was also a “parachute tour” for those who were brave enough.

After that I went to the train station where I bought my ticket to the “most beautiful place on earth” according to the reviews of thousands bloggers, vloggers and newspapers. To the region of Jungfrau.

First thing to know is that you always have to carry an umbrella with you. Here, in Lauterbrunnen it is very likely to rain.  I did not carry any with me so I had to buy a raincoat. The train ride to the mountains was 10 times better then the one from Fribourg to Interlaken. It was a short ride (just 11 km) but it was one of the best experiences I had.


I arrived in Lauterbrunnen. It was raining, but the rain didn’t stop me from enjoying this place. I saw a waterfall in the middle of the village.

As the village is located in the bottom of the valley, the views you get wherever you look are simply outstanding. I bought a ticket for the lift to Murren. However it brought me to a middle point and then I had to take a little local train.

How awesome is that, taking a train on the Alps.


During your stay here you can do whatever you like. If it’s summer you can go hiking or biking, if it’s winter, well you know, skiing is the most popular thing you can do. I had the most amazing homemade raspberry cake in Murren. Went for a short walk around the village, I even wanted to go to the Piz Gloria top (where a James Bond movie was filmed), but unfortunately it was covered with clouds at this time, so I didn’t go.

A few hotels, houses and properties give you the true picture of how beautiful Switzerland is. After a short period of time I still cannot believe that I saw that. It is like a scenery from a book. So you have to pinch yourself just to be sure that you are awake, and you are there. After a few hours, I had to catch the train back to Interlaken. Went down to Lauterbrunnen where it was raining (again). What an amazing day I had!

Sometimes a man is left with no words to describe what nature can look like. Maybe this is not the most beautiful place in the world, but don’t know of any better.

Vidan @vidanl for SUISSEPIC

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