Swiss Stock Exchange Announced the First Crypto Currency Index

@SIX Group

The Swiss stock exchange SIX announced the lauch of the first exchange traded product (ETP) for crypto investments today. The “Amun Crypto ETP” will derive its value from the price of the top 4 digital currencies. That follows from a statement of  Swiss Global Enterprise .

The Amun Crypto ETP (HODL SE/ HODL.S) will track the investment results of an index composed of the top 4 crypto assets ranked by market capitalization. The “Amun Crypto ETP” is backed by Amun, a London-based financial technology firm. The company chose Switzerland to launch their product after a thorough evaluation of 28 different jurisdictions.

With a market capitalization of $1.6 trillion, SIX Swiss Exchange is the 4th largest stock exchange in Europe.

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