Swiss Made

Swiss made is a marker indicating that the product was created or made at the territory of Switzerland. Discover the stories about Swiss brands.

Chocolate Brands from Geneva that are Known Worldwide

Swiss chocolate is famous worldwide. Traditions of its production in Geneva count 100 years.

Swiss chocolate guide. Stories of 3 chocolate brands

Switzerland is often called as a home of the world’s best chocolate. The country has long and sustainable traditions of making it. In 1875, Daniel Peters created the first milk chocolate. Since then Swiss chocolatiers invented various truffles, pralines, cakes, and mousses. An average Swiss consumes 21 pounds of chocolate a year. This rate is among the highest in the world. SUISSEPIC is ready to guide you through the best Swiss chocolate brands.

How to be a Brand Ambassador For Caran D’Ache?

SUISSEPIC had a talk with Vinnie Gracanin an Australian artist, who was chosen by Swiss pencils manufacturer Caran D’Ache as a Brand Ambassador. The Maison from Geneva has been creating writing and drawing instruments since 1915 combining finest materials with innovative technologies.  

Famous residents of Geneva city

Famous residents of Geneva city

Swiss Geneva is the place of attraction for many celebrities. Buildings in the center of the city keep the spirit and the great history.