SWISS Carried 17.9m Passengers And Set A Record In 2018

Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) carried almost 18m travellers on boards of its planes in 2018. The company performed 145,002 flights (+3.5% / 2017) during the year with a total number of passengers as of 17,937,391 (+6.2% / 2017). This follows from the data published at the website.

From the total number of flights 126,697 ones (+3.9% / 2017) were within Europe and 18,305 – on intercontinental routes. In December 2018 SWISS transported 1,346,380 passengers.

Starting June 2019 SWISS will expand its route network from Geneva by offering its passengers five new popular destinations for the summer season: Brindisi (Italy), Faro (Portugal), Mykonos (Greece), Alicante and Ibiza (Spain).

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