The idea of SUISSEPIC is to share positive emotions about Switzerland that could be expressed in the words, pictures and videos.

The name SUISSEPIC originates from SUISSE + PIC as the author of the project was fascinated beauty of French part of Switzerland. Hence, we use SUISSE [Switzerland in French] as the first part and PIC to share cool vibes in pictures.

We are open to everybody who lives and travels to Switzerland

  1. SUISSEPIC encourages all types of creativity and honesty in expressing emotions. 
  2. If you consider your PICTURE or VIDEO should  published at the website or at the Instagram feed of @suissepic you can contact Our Team by Email INFO @ SUISSEPIC.COM.
  3. If you have a STORY to share and want to join SUISSEPIC project as an contributor, read our share your stories section.
  4. If you want to see your pictures regularly at @SUISSEPIC you can join Ambassadors Photo Club 
  5. SUISSEPIC’s Team is concerned about communication. It should be polite and kind to all the members and followers of the community. The Team has the right to edit or delete any comments appeared at @suissepic or at the website  if we consider them not respectful to other users.
  6. Don’t use offensive language and replace offensive words with characters in titles and texts of reports and commentaries.
  7. Don’t place information of obscene and pornographic content; incite ethnic and religious hatred.
  8. Don’t try to promote the production and use of narcotic substances.
  9. Don’t place advertising information. Nobody likes to work for free.
  10. SUISSEPIC’s rules can be edited or added by extra information.
  11. All types of questions you can ask by contacting us INFO @ SUISSEPIC.COM

Do you want to share stories? Do not hesitate to contact SUISSEPIC

We write about life. And interesting people.