Switzerland is famous for its perfect skiing, snowboarding, hiking trails, conditions for alpinism and cycling routes. Learn about winter and summer sports in Switzerland.

Top Ski Schools near Zürich’s Best Resorts

Discover ski resorts in Flumserberg, Oberiberg and Amden, which are less than 90 minutes away from Zurich.

Top Ice Climbing and Mountaineering Schools in Switzerland

Looking for a chance to try alpine mountain climbing? The Swiss Alpine Club (SAC) has more than 90,000 members, as well as dozens of mountaineering schools.

Top Tennis Schools in Geneva and Bern

In the country where Roger Federer is a national hero, tennis for sure should be among one of the most popular sports. Have a look at the list of tennis schools in Bern and Geneva.

Top Horseback Riding Schools in Geneva

Geneva is home to Europe’s largest equestrian event, the Geneva International Horse Show and Jumping Competition. Discover where to take horseriding and equestrian classes close to Geneva.

A Hike through Swiss Beautiful Gorges

Autumn hiking in the Alps in Switzerland is truly special. It is colorful and warm. Discover Swiss Grand Canyon in Graubunden and fantastic gorges of Valais and Bern.

Marathons to run in Switzerland in 2018

Marathons to run in Switzerland in 2018

Running a marathon became very popular. It is a unique chance to feel as a superhero, to meet new people and travel the world. Every year hundreds of running events are held in the Switzerland. SUISSEPIC discovered marathons to run in 2018.