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SUISSEPIC is a media platform about Switzerland. We are not only a travel community. We write about everyday life of people who live, work and often travel to Switzerland.

As of 2018, we unite more than 20,000 social entrepreneurs, artists, musicians and photographers at our social media.

Our website is the way to share your personal stories, photos and travel recommendations.

More than 50 independent authors and amateur photographers joined SUISSEPIC project as Ambassadors. 

We will be glad to share your NEWS, OPINIONS and ARTICLES!

The topics we are interested in:
Art & Design, Music and Creativity
Entrepreneurship and startups
Food and restaurants
Hotels and Travel

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  • How can I write an article?
  • I am not a professional journalist!
  • How to choose the topic?

We believe that you are an expert in a certain field. We don’t mind to publish reviews of any kind if they are more than just “I liked this” or “I want to complain about this” 🙂

Write about something what you like yourself and would read yourself.

However, if you don’t know how to arrange your text properly,
contact us INFO @ SUISSEPIC.COM. We are open to help!

I have a super project and I want SUISSEPIC to write about it

  • Yes, it is possible! And it is free of charge if we find that your project is interesting enough for our audience
  • Tell the story about your project: when, how and what for it was created
  • Try to persuade the reader to try your project

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