Top Swiss Cable Cars, Gondolas and Funiculars

Cable cars are probably the best way to explore the alpine landscapes from thousands meters above. They are also an essential part of the Swiss transport system. SUISSEPIC checked out the most famous funiculars and the tickets prices.

Cabrio cable car

Canton of Lucerne

Opened in 2012, the CabriO Cable Car is one of the most innovative Swiss engineering projects (CHF 28.1 m). It’s the world’s first open-air, double-decker cable car with a roofless upper deck. Located near the city of Lucerne, the CabriO starts in the village of Stans and climbs to the top of Mount Stanserhorn, reaching a height of 1,850 meters above sea level. Each car can transport up to 60 passengers.

Tickets: CHF 74 (return)

Giessbach funicular

Canton of Bern

Constructed in 1879, the Giessbach Funicular is Switzerland’s oldest operational funicular. This historic funicular is located in the canton of Bern and the municipality of Brienz. This funicular is the Switzerland’s first funicular specifically built for the transportation of tourists. The journey transports tourists up and down the slope between the Alpine resort Grandhotel Giessbach and Lake Brienz. This allows for tourists and all that want take part in the adventure to enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding mountains, forests, alpine meadows, and Giessbach Falls.

Tickets: CHF 10 (return ticket)

Titlis Rotair gondola

Canton of Obwalden

The Titlis Rotair, built in 1992, is a revolving aerial cableway in Central Switzerland. The journey starts in Engelberg and travels about 3,020 meters above sea level to the top of Mount Titles. During the voyage, the gondola slowly rotates 360 degrees. Apart from the famous Titlis Cliff Walk, Europe’s highest suspension footbridge is located here.

Tickets: CHF 92 (return ticket)

Gelmer funicular

Canton of Bern

The open-air Gelmer Funicular is one of the highlights of Bernese Oberland. This funicular, with its 106 % gradient, is the second steepest in Europe. Built in the 1920s to transport construction materials to the Gelmer dam, the funicular now transports tourists from Handeck, to the picturesque Lake Gelmer, up 1850 meters to enjoy the glacier views over the Grimsel Pass and Haslital Valley, and the snow-covered peaks of the Swiss Alps. Hikes around Lake Gelmer or to the Gelmer Hut are among the most spectacular in Switzerland.

Tickets: CHF 32

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Lake Thun Festival

Every summer since 2003 Switzerland hosts international musical event in the canton of Bern. World’s best musical and stage productions are presented at the Lake Thun.

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